2020 Irish Offshore Rowing Championships

2020 Irish Offshore Rowing Championships.

Rowing Ireland Offshore Championships Committee are delighted to announce that prospectus for the event is now available for view.

All details can be found here:


Crew Entries

Entries will only be accepted through the Tracker system.  Club secretaries/registrars must “pre-register” to join one of the following webinars to learn how to use Tracker.

This is an absolute must before you enter your crews for the Irish Offshore Rowing Championships in Portmagee.

Option 1: 

Thursday 3rd September at 9pm

Tracker 1 Webinar


Both webinars are the exact same. If you can’t make one, you should be able to make the other.

Option 2: 

Sunday 6th September at 7pm

Tracker 2 Webinar



Pre-order only, and collect In Portmagee at the regatta office.

Not competing,? No problem, Nominate someone to pick it up for you.


Thank you to our sponsors at Swift Racing

Main Sponsors:

Business Suppliers:

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