It’s a clean sweep for Ireland today with all crews winning their semi-finals and qualifying for their respective A Finals.

After a win in Thursday’s heat, Brian Colsh and Konan Pazzaia sailed through their semi-final this morning putting another win under the belt. Going off the blocks with a rate of 48 strokes per minute, there was no stopping the Irish double from the get go. With a podium finish in last years championships, Colsh and Pazzaia won’t be looking for anything less in tomorrow’s A Final where they face France, Lithuania, Uruguay, Poland and Germany.

Next up was the Men’s Lightweight Double of Queen’s University Belfast’s Ciaran Purdy and University of Limerick’s Rory O’Neill. Both athletes have a host of race experience with Purdy winning silver at the 2022 U23 World Championships and O’Neill finishing in fourth place in the 2021 World Championships. Holding a steady pace, Ireland crossed the first marker in fourth position but pushed forward a place through each 500m to finish in first place.

Andrew Sheehan of University of Cork RC safely secured his place in the A Final with a win in the Men’s Scull semi-final. It was the sculler from Italy who took the early lead, getting clear water between the rest of the scullers by the 250m mark. Spain dropped off in the early stages but it was Ireland, Switzerland and Portugal who stayed in the mix in the second pack. Holding a steady speed, Sheehan broke away from the scullers in third and fourth position and edged closer and closer to the Italian. Coming into the finish, Andrew was increasing his speed and Italy just couldn’t keep up. He crossed the line in first position with clear water over the rest of the field.

Alison Bergin impresses yet again in the semi-final stage of the U23 World Championships. Last year Alison set the current U23 Championship best time in a commanding race and she did not disappoint this year either. Similarly to the Irish crews that raced before her, Bergin had a solid start, sitting in the middle of the group. Winding it up coming through the half way point there was no stopping her as she headed towards the line, overtaking the leading sculler from the Czech Republic and finishing about three lengths clear from the rest of the scullers.

Tomorrow is a big day for Ireland with four crews in four A Finals in the space of an hour of a half. Tune in to the live stream on the World Rowing website HERE

Saturday Results

  • BM2x A/B Semi 1st -> A Final
  • BLM2x A/B Semi 1st -> A Final
  • BM1x A/B Semi 1st -> A Final
  • BW1x A/B Semi 1st -> A Final

Sunday Schedule (IST)

  • 8:44am – BM2x A Final
  • 9:44am – BLM2x A Final
  • 10:08am – BM1x A Final
  • 10:20am – BW1x A Final