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One of the most important ingredients for the growth and success of our sport is having enough good coaches to take on the challenge of coaching in rowing clubs, schools and universities. Recruiting, developing and retaining good talent into the sport is one of the many roles the coach takes on. To fulfill the role effectively the coach must obviously know about the technical skills and the physical and mental demands of their sport. They must also know how to plan, organize, teach, motivate and deliver good training sessions. Coaches need to have a good working knowledge of nutrition, hydration, rigging, racing strategy and a host of other skills that help their squads to function.

There are many great coaches in our sport who have built up this type of knowledge base over many years of experience both as rowers and coaches. In some clubs this knowledge is passed on through generations of good coaching practice but it takes a long time to evolve.

The Coach Education Programme speeds up the delivery of this knowledge and skills to new generations of coaches and helps to grow our clubs. If we have more coaches progressing faster it will enable recruiting of more rowers and provide help and support for existing coaches.

Courses are developed under the supervision of Coaching Ireland (formerly NCTC) who monitor the quality of the syllabus and the delivery.

In rowing we are working towards having all levels up to and including Level 4 coaching qualifications. To date we have developed an Introductory course for beginner coaches; and  Level 1, 2 and 3 courses for more experienced coaches.

Coach Education is managed by the CE sub-committee which reports to the board of Rowing Ireland. The Chairperson of the CE committee is Mark Pattison and the CE Development Officer is Pat McInerney.

If your club or region would like to host a coach education course please contact Pat McInerney at pat.mcinerney@rowingireland.ie to discuss the options available.

Pat McInerney
Coach Education Officer

Ph:  +353 87 969 5093

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