Anti-Doping Code


Rowing Ireland’s Anti- Doping Policy


  • To create a generation of athletes who have confidence in their ability to know they can succeed in rowing without the misuse of prohibited substances or prohibited methods.
  • To achieve a greater knowledge of doping issues through widespread education.
  • To empower Clubs to be confident and competent to enable them to support their members in all aspects of anti-doping.


The basic principle of Rowing Ireland’s information and education programme for anti-doping shall be to protect the spirit of rowing from being undermined by doping and to establish an environment which influences doping-free behaviour among participants.
While a comprehensive testing programme plays a fundamental part as a deterrent and preventative measure against doping, Rowing Ireland acknowledges that it has a duty to provide clubs and athletes with the information and technical advice they need to make informed and responsible choices in compliance with the Rowing Ireland’s anti-doping regulations.


Rowing Ireland has identified the following goals to enable our vision to be realised:

  • Promote doping free behaviour and influence the attitudes and values of young rowers and support staff.
  • Provide relevant and up-to-date technical information to athletes to enable them to remain drug free and comply with the Rowing Ireland’s anti-doping regulations.
  • Provide a range of educational products and resources to help athletes to make informed and responsible choices.

Athletes are reminded that they may be tested at any Rowing Ireland event during the year as part of the Irish Sports Council National Testing Programme.

Rowing Ireland’s Anti Doping Policy in full is available here:

Anti Doping Policy (1st July 2017)



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