World Rowing Event Decision for 18 May 2021

2021 World Rowing Masters Regatta is confirmed

Protecting the health and reducing the chance of infection for all participants is the priority for all World Rowing events. Following extensive discussions with all key stakeholders, the World Rowing Executive Committee has verified that the preparations of the Organising Committee (OC) of the 2021 WRMR conforms to the World Rowing requirements for 2021 regattas. Therefore, with the approval of the World Rowing Executive Committee, we are pleased to confirm that the regatta will take place in Linz-Ottensheim, Austria from 1 to 5 September 2021. 

Depending on the state of the pandemic, the regulations and restrictions for entry into Austria could change. It would be the individual participant’s responsibility to check for themselves the entry restrictions from their home country to Austria. The latest information about entry restrictions to Austria can be found here on this Austrian Government link: 

The decision-making framework for World Rowing events during the pandemic assesses two key considerations: first, the ability of the organising committee and the host city to still stage the event in the current circumstances and, second, the full commitment of the organising committee and host city to implement the strict covid-19 transmission mitigation measures required by World Rowing’s “Return to Regattas” guidelines.

The OC has prepared a Covid-19 response plan (link here) which has been ratified by the Linz-Ottensheim and Upper Austria authorities, and follows the guidance of the World Health Organisation and the World Rowing Sports Medicine Commission’s “Return to Regattas” guidelines (Return to Regattas guidelines found here). These additional preventative measures for such a large event cause some significant additional and unanticipated costs for the OC. Therefore, World Rowing has approved the OC request for an exceptional “safe event” accreditation charge of Euro 10 per seat to be added to cover these additional costs.

Each participant is responsible to exercise maximum care for themselves and their club and crew members before, during and after the event. All participants must follow the measures in the OC Covid-19 Protection Plan at all times, including the wearing of masks at all times except in the boat, on an ergometer or at meals, social distancing and regular disinfection, among the other measures published by the OC.  In addition to meeting any local government requirements, each participant at the regatta will be required to complete a Pre-Event Health Questionnaire and present a valid negative Covid-19 test result (antigen taken within 48 hours or PCR test taken within 72 hours). The questionnaire and the valid negative test result would need to be presented at the Venue Entrance check point. 

To protect the health of all participants, anyone not adhering to the participation conditions will be immediately disqualified and excluded from the event, at the discretion of the World Rowing Executive Committee

Entries can be made for the regatta via Regatta Central System: Entry Sytem Link

Please note the key deadlines and refund policies

  1. Opening of the entries: 20 May 16:00 CET
  2. Closing of the entries: 31 July, 23:59 CET
  3. Refund policies
    1. Voluntary withdrawal before 31 July, full refund (minus 3.5% processing fee)
    2. In the unlikely event of a late cancellation of the event because of a change in regulation by the Austrian Government authorities for organization of mass participation events in Austria – full refund (minus 3.5% processing fee)
    3. If a participant is not able to participate because of specific lockdowns/exit restrictions/entry quarantine restrictions from their home country but the regatta is going ahead, no refund.

Matt Smith
Executive Director

Neptune is running its Summer Camps for boys and girls aged 12 and upwards who think they might like to join their competitive junior rowing program for the 2021/22 season.

Neptune Rowing Club will run 9 camps over consecutive weeks commencing on the 14th June. The Camps will be held in the Club in Islandbridge, and each camp will run for 4 days, starting at 14:00 and finishing at 16:30.  The cost is €90 per participant.

The Camps will introduce boys and girls to the sport and they will spend much of their time on the water with our qualified coaches. The afternoons will be fun and hopefully encourage your son or daughter to take up a sport that will challenge them and provide a lifetime of opportunities to stay fit and healthy. Neptune RC will be emphasising safety, enjoyment and making friends.

The camps are subject to our stringent COVID guidelines, and as a result numbers are restricted in each camp.  Due to this restriction you may not get your first-choice camp and places will be on a first come first served basis.

Register here-

Q&A updated 15 April 2021

What is the plan for easing of restrictions?

The latest NI regulations are available here and Sport NI has published a Pathway out of Restrictions which sets out a plan for the phased return to sport

As of 12 April 2021 we are in Phase 2(a).  The Sport NI infographics (attached below) show the preparation required for Stage 2, and the early parts of stage 2.  Clubs should study these and use the information to help members understand the situation. 

The restrictions on school activity during certain times may vary and school clubs should check Department of Education and School guidance. The guidance in this update refers to sporting activity.

What does Phase 2(a) allow?

• When preparation is complete, clubs affiliated to the governing body can open their outside facilities.  

• The stay at home message becomes ‘stay local’, which allows you to travel to your local club, but with no car sharing.

 • Indoor facilities all remain closed except for access to boats, and essential toilets. 

• Activity for Elite athletes can continue as before. 

• Remember…. Hands- Face- Space and Fresh Air.

 • Sports clubs are very much in the spotlight as other sectors are not yet able to operate, so compliance is critical, and breaches will bring sport into disrepute and may lead to further restrictions. 

• Clubs are expected to nominate a COVID Leader and to consider what sanctions can be imposed on any breaches of guidance. 

• This phase will allow a group (from affiliated clubs) of 15 adults (including coach) or several groups of juniors depending on age, but with groups not mixing. 

• Group activity is for exercise and training only. No parents hanging about etc. 

• No group mixing, no inter-club or organised competition.

• For non-rowing activities the maximum gathering size of 10 from up to 2 households applies.  

Is multi-household crew rowing allowed in Phase 2(a)?

Yes, multi-household crew rowing is allowed, as rowers are generally not face to face, and can remain a fixed distance apart in the boat. Two protocols are necessary: 

• Crew activity must be controlled so that the full crew moves together to maintain separation (so no part crew exercises where some are moving and some are not). In stern coxed boats if stroke and cox are from different households the cox must wear a face covering and a visor when afloat. 

When will indoor training be allowed? 

Phase 3 provisionally allows for indoor activity, but like Phase 2 it will be gradual and in stages, starting with small groups and socially distanced, before allowing bigger groups, more access, and limited competition.

When will outdoor competition be allowed?

Phase 2(c) provisionally allows for organised or inter club competition, but with no spectators. Only participants and essential organisers will be allowed to attend, and numbers may be limited. There is no confirmed date for this.

What is the RI Ulster Branch doing to prepare for the easing of restrictions?

We are working along with Rowing Ireland to refresh protocols and keep member clubs informed as and when there is any change in the restrictions based on the decisions of the NI Executive and advice from Sport Northern Ireland.


Rowing Ireland are delighted to share information about the first Mixed Ability Virtual Rowing Festival! Join IMAS for their virtual Rowing Festival taking place 20-22 of April.

Read all about it below:

All rowing clubs, coaches and rowers are welcome at the festival. You do not have to have a Mixed Ability or disability squad already in place – if you’re keen to get started or even just want to find out more about what is possible, then these workshops are for you! 

About Mixed Ability Rowing

Mixed Ability is an innovative approach to breaking down barriers to participation in mainstream sports. The Mixed Ability Model differs from disability-specific activities or provision as it includes people facing a whole range of barriers to participation, including physical and learning disabilities, physical and mental health conditions, age-related barriers, low confidence, and many other personal circumstances. It offers an alternative approach to those who may not feel that adaptive rowing is for them, and/or do not want to follow elite-level (e.g. Paralympic) pathways. Watch this video to find out how Mixed Ability has transformed Bradford Amateur Rowing Club:

About the Virtual Rowing Festival

During our Virtual Rowing Festival, we will be offering the following free workshops for clubs, coaches and rowers who are interested in finding out more about the benefits of Mixed Ability Rowing:

All in the Same Boat: Introduction to Mixed Ability Rowing
Tuesday 20 April, 17.00 – 18.30 UK time via Zoom.

  • Keynote speech by IMAS ambassador Annamarie Phelps CBE OLY
  • Introduction to Mixed Ability
  • Case study research presented by Dr Jen Dyer, University of Leeds
  • Q&A

Top Tips WorkshopThursday 22 April, 17.00 – 18.30 UK time via Zoom.

  • Getting started
  • Safeguarding
  • Access
  • Equipment
  • Funding
  • IMAS Certification/Accreditation pathways

There will also be the option to take part in our inclusive virtual regatta, with prizes available for inclusive approaches. Clubs and coaches can also book a free drop-in session with a member of the IMAS team to discuss how Mixed Ability could work in their specific setting.

Free festival tickets can be booked via our Eventbrite page: Links to the specific workshops will be sent out via email prior to the event.

Free drop-in sessions for clubs and coaches can be booked here:

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please do get in touch with me at or 07704412940.

As the island of Ireland continues high-level Covid -19 restrictions, the NI Executive Restrictions for a circuit breaker from 12.01am (early) on 27th November 2020 have now had some clarification. The COVID-19 Working Group have put together a list of questions and answers to continue to assist clubs in NI.

We are in continuous communication with Sport Northern Ireland for the latest updates and clarification to ensure we as a sport continue to operate within the guidelines laid down by the relevant authorities.

At Rowing Ireland, our number one priority at this time is the health and safety of all our members. We ask all our Affiliated Clubs and registered members to continue to observe the guidelines during these unprecedented times.

We must play our part in reducing the R number throughout the island.

We are all Rowing Ireland.

Rowing Ireland Covid-19 protocols for NI Affiliated Clubs (includes school and university clubs)

Frequently asked questions:

FAQ’sQuestionAnswerReasoning (Information Resource)
1Can rowers train in crew boats?NoUnless ‘Elite’.
2Can rowers travel to clubs?No.Rowers can only travel where this is essential.
3Can individual rowers go out in sculls from the club/ school/ university?No Individual outdoor exercise is allowed but not at clubs.
4Can club/ school/ university boathouses remain open?NoClub facilities for indoor and outdoor exercise, to remain closed. 
5Can Gyms with plenty of room and ventilation be used while maintaining social distancing and apply strict sterilization protocols?NoGyms are to remain closed.
6Can more than one group of 10 train outdoors at the same time?NoThere is to be no group activity at clubs.
7Can events for non-elite athletes take place?NoThe limitations on organised indoor and outdoor gatherings make it impossible to hold any Head of the River/ time trial, indoor rowing or similar organised events at this time.
8Does our club need to keep contact details of parents/ carers attending sessions?YesA log of all people attending club sites, with contact information for contact tracing purposes should be recorded to enable contact tracing, should it be required. 
9Should our club have a COVID-19 Compliance Officer?YesDesignating COVID compliance officers is useful to help with coordination of risk mitigation actions.

Any club or group that is not in a position to apply these measures or enforce them should remain closed.