Rowing Ireland would like to remind clubs that the deadline to affiliate in order to compete at the Irish Rowing Championships this year is approaching.

As per Championship Rule 3.3 Eligibility, All the Championships shall be contested annually and are open only to the following:  Clubs Affiliated to Rowing Ireland on 1st March.

For any queries on how to register, please contact

Arachas Insurance, the providers of the Rowing Ireland registered members group insurance scheme, are holding an exclusive webinar for Rowing Ireland affiliated clubs to answer questions on insurance matters.

In preparation for this webinar, Arachas has asked that questions regarding club or individual insurance matters are emailed to our Club Support Officer Pat Kiely:

Pat will pass on these questions to Nathan from Arachas so he can have definitive answers prepared for the webinar. The closing date for questions is Tuesday the 16th of February

The webinar is due to take place during the first week of March, with the exact date to be announced later.

This is a great opportunity for your club to expand their knowledge of club insurance cover.

Produced by the Rowing Ireland Safety Advisory Committee, this new publication is targeted at rowing clubs and individual members, throughout our island. The Safety Advisory Committees aim for publishing this document is, to make Safety a topic that is talked and thought about, by all members of the rowing community. The vision is to empower all our members, with the knowledge and understanding so as to keep our sport safe and enjoyable for all

Rowing Ireland CEO Michelle Carpenter said “I thank the Safety Advisory Committee for their efforts when planning, designing and publishing this safety bulletin. I hope it will help clubs and members to commit to ensuring the highest standards of safety within our organization.

I encourage clubs and members to spread the word about this exciting and informative publication”

Row Safe, Stay Safe Content

Over the coming months the Safety Advisory Committee aim to build up content that can be used by clubs as reference material and advice on how to identify hazard, assess the risks, and then how to produce process and procedures to manage those risks. Content will include safety tips and facts for all aspects of rowing, Para, Coastal, Offshore, and flat water(river). Subject matter will include up to date international best practice as well as legislative requirements for clubs North and South of the border.

It is also envisaged that reader input and questions will be address in a “Reader Questions, Answered” segment each month. The “Row Safe, Stay Safe”, bulletin will be available on the Rowing Ireland website and will be emailed directly to club Captains, Secretaries, and safety Advisors. 

For information on this publication, or any safety-related matters, or indeed if you would like to be added to the mailing list for “Row Safe, Stay Safe” please email;