With the Rowing Ireland AGM due to take place on the 26th of September, there will be a number of proposals for changes to the Rowing Ireland Constitution. These proposals come from the Board of Rowing Ireland and the Rowing Ireland Governance committee. These proposed changes come after a number of governance, audits were carried out on the governance within Rowing Ireland.

The proposed changes and an information pack are in the download section below

As a means of information and explanation, Rowing Ireland intends to facilitate two webinars to discuss these proposals with member clubs. Members of, the Board of Rowing Ireland, the Rowing Ireland Governance committee, and Rowing Ireland staff will be in attendance to discuss the proposed changes and answer questions from affiliated club representatives regarding the proposed changes.

Rowing Ireland has today circulated all the proposed changes along with an information pack to all affiliated club secretaries, we would ask all clubs to review and discuss these proposals and attend the webinars to have your questions answered.

You can email your question beforehand to Question will also be taken on the night of the webinars.

The dates, times, and link to register for the webinars is below. The webinars are open to 2020/21 affiliated clubs and we would ask that one person from each club attends.

Webinar 1, Thursday the 16th of September at 7.30 pm, 

LINK; Click here to register

Webinar 2, Tuesday the 21st of September at 7.30 pm 

LINK; click here to register


The Annual General Meeting will be held in accordance with the Articles of Association on Wednesday 15th September 2021 at 7.30pm on Zoom.

Each Club shall pay to the Ulster Branch a subscription of £25.00 and in each succeeding year an annual subscription of £25.00 each, such subscription to be paid to the Honorary Treasurer of the Ulster Branch not later than the commencement of the Annual General Meeting. Any Club which has not paid its subscription for the succeeding year by the commencement of the AGM shall forfeit its voting rights at this AGM and shall cease to be a member of the Ulster Branch until such time as all arrears of subscriptions are paid to the Honorary Treasurer of the Ulster Branch.

The official representative of each club must be a bona fide member of that club and at the AGM shall be entitled to one vote. Further reports will follow when available, along with a Zoom meeting invitation. They will be sent to the latest representative on record for each club. Clubs wishing to register a different rep for this meeting should contact the branch.


  • List of those present and apologies.
  • Housekeeping rules for Zoom meeting.
  • Receive minutes of last Annual General Meeting held on the 30th of June 2020.
  • Receive the Report of the Ulster Branch Committee and make such orders with regard to the same as seems proper to the Ulster Branch.
  • Receive the Balance Sheet and the Income and Expenditure Account for the 12 months preceding 31st December together with the Auditor’s Report on them and make such orders with regard to the same as seems proper to the Ulster Branch.
  • Elect the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer of the Ulster Branch Committee.
  • Appointment of an Auditor for the next succeeding year.
  • Consider any resolution submitted in accordance with Section 25.
  • Consider any other business at the discretion of the Chairman.

Gordon Reid
Hon Secretary

The Rowing Ireland Covid-19 Working Group has provided the following update.

Restrictions update for Republic of Ireland Clubs, “Reframing the challenge road map”

With the announcement by the Irish government of the lifting of restrictions, the Covid-19 working group have assembled a question-and-answer type format to answer questions regarding changes. The government has laid out a three-stage plan with Dates of the 6th & 20th of September and the 22nd of October. With these questions and answers, we will cover the first two dates of the government program and we will address the final stage in early October.

The initial stages of the government plan introduce two different policies for certain events depending on if people are all vaccinated or if there is a mixed session of vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

6th of SeptemberFully Vaccinated or recovered from CovidMixture of vaccinated and non-vaccinated
Can crew training sessions take placeYes, in pods of 15Yes, in pods of 15
Can mixing of crews take placeYesNot recommended
Do we need to wear masks outdoorsNoYes, where social distancing cannot be maintained
Can dressing rooms open?NoNo
Can gym session (erg & weights commenceYes, for individual trainingYes, for individual training.
20th of September Fully Vaccinated or recovered from CovidMixture of vaccinated and non-vaccinated
Can crew training sessions take placeYes, with no restrictionsYes, with no restrictions
Can mixing of crews take placeYes, with no restrictionsYes, with no restrictions
Do we need to wear masks outdoorsNoYes, where social distancing cannot be maintained
Can dressing rooms open?YesPods of 6, the number of pods depends on the size of the venue
Can gym session (erg & weights commenceYesPods of 6, the number of pods depends on the size of the venue (excluding coaches)
22nd of October The group will look at these restrictions in early October  

Wearing of masks in outdoor areas where a mixture of vaccinated and non-vaccinated person is taking place and where social distancing cannot be maintained should continue.

Wearing of masks in indoor areas for people not involved in exercise should continue.

Self-Isolation/Restricted Movements

Continuing requirement for:

  • Those with symptoms to immediately self-isolate and seek a test
  • Those with a positive test result to self-isolate for 10 days
  • Close contacts of a confirmed case to restrict movements unless fully vaccinated

The Rowing Ireland Working Group would like to take the opportunity to compliment all affiliated clubs and their members on their continued efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 amongst the rowing community.

A number of Rowing Ireland licenced events have taken place such as flatwater, coastal, and offshore events, where Rowing Ireland COVID protocols were in put in place and adhered to. With the support of the event organisers, participating clubs, and volunteers, there have been no reported outbreaks related to these events.

With the easing of restrictions, both in the South and the North, the working group are being asked, ‘can the wearing of masks on land be relaxed?’ It was decided that, with the current rise in case numbers both the North and South, it is not the right time to relax this guidance just yet. 

The working group meets every Monday evening to review the current trend in the pandemic and to reflect on and interpret government, health authorities, Sport Ireland, and Sport Northern Ireland protocols. The group then communicates guidance to all clubs. This guidance is reviewed by Sport Ireland and Sport Northern Ireland to ensure we are continually doing the right thing.

We would ask clubs to continue to operate within the guidance to help keep us all safe. With larger events on the horizon, now is not the time to let our guard down. A small number of clubs and individuals are not complying with the “Masks on while on Land” guidance and this is placing us all at unnecessary risk. 

The government’s guidance states that you do not have to wear a mask outdoor when you are not in a crowded area and can maintain social distancing. The working group is of the opinion that it is not possible to always maintain social distancing while loading, rigging, carrying, launching, and docking crew boats. For this reason, we are asking all clubs and their members to continue with the practice of wearing masks to keep us all safe.

Normality will hopefully return soon, but we are not there yet. We have worked hard together to stay safe; let us continue to do this for a little longer.

We thank everyone that has been involved including parents, family, and friends that have not been able to attend events so we can maintain strict attendance numbers.

We are back doing what we love – Rowing, enjoying our sport, and competing. If we work together, we can look forward to a brighter future.

Yours in Rowing 

On behalf of the Rowing Ireland, COVID-19 Working Group.

What is the latest plan for easing of restrictions?

The latest regulations do not change social distancing. Clubs can currently offer outdoor training subject to restrictions, limited indoor training, and limited events.

The restrictions on school activity during certain times may vary and school clubs should check Department of Education and school guidance. The guidance in this update refers to sporting activity.

Currently, from 31 May:

  • Activity for Elite athletes can continue as before. 
  • The return to sport protocols put in place by sports governing bodies should be strictly adhered to including hygiene measures, social distancing and other mitigations.
  • Any behaviour which may encourage the risk of transmission around sports activities, such as car sharing, should be avoided. 
  • Clubs are expected to nominate a COVID Leader and to consider what sanctions can be imposed on any breaches of guidance.
  • In guidance we need to wear a face covering where 2 metre social distance cannot be maintained, or 1m where not face to face in boats.
  • indoor group exercise and training is allowed (numbers informed by venue) and the full return of outdoor sport (with no overall limit at outdoor sporting events from 5 July). A risk assessment is necessary for gatherings over 30 people outside, or over 15 inside.
  • Limited use of indoor facilities associated with outdoor sport and events, is also allowed. (e.g. Briefing, and use of changing rooms).
  • The organiser must also take all reasonable measures to limit the risk of transmission of the coronavirus.
  • A person responsible for organising a gathering must, if requested to do so by a relevant person, provide a copy of the risk assessment and an account of the reasonable measures taken
  • Schools are permitted to join in events
  • No limit on travel within NI to train or go to an event
  • follow guidance for travel within the Common Travel Area.  Details are at
  • contact details must be taken and retained
  • competitive indoor sport is allowed (subject to risk assessment and appropriate mitigations). 
  • We cannot police all this effectively alone, and need clubs to take responsibility. We hope that clubs will see this as realistic and manageable.

Is multi-household crew rowing allowed?

This is allowed now, as rowers are generally not face to face, and can remain a fixed distance apart in the boat. Just one protocol is now in place: In stern coxed boats if stroke and cox are from different households the cox is advised to wear a face covering and/or visor, when afloat.