Ever watched Traditional Coastal rowing on the Liffey and wanted to try it out? Ever watched Beach Sprints, the new Olympic version of Coastal Rowing, and wanted to have a go? You can do both on Sunday May 12th at the fantastic facilities available at the Stella Maris Rowing Club in Ringsend at 70 Pigeon House Rd, Dublin, D04 HD43

Rowing Ireland, in partnership with Swift Racing and the members of Stella Maris RC are hosting a rowing day from 10am-4pm on the Liffey where everyone will get the chance to row and maybe race one another in traditional and modern Coastal boats. We will have an actual beach sprint course laid where athletes can practice their turns and navigation skills in preparation for the upcoming World, Coupe and Home International trials. The traditional boats will test the power and stamina of the athletes.

Many thanks to Swift Racing and Stella Maris RC for all their time and support in making the event possible.