Calling All Clubs- Rowing Ireland’s Club Nutritionist

Calling All Clubs!

Did you know that the average rowing training session could burn upwards of 1000kcal? Or that at the top level, an athlete could need to be consuming 7000kcal per day?

How and when those calories are replaced can make the difference between your athletes reaching their goals and not.

Diet and nutrition significantly affect performance; what we drink and eat before, during, and after training affects our health, body mass and body composition, as well as performance and recovery. An optimum diet can help to ensure optimum health and maximise performance. An inadequate diet could not only lead to a poor performance, but it could also compromise health.

Leanne is qualified nutritionist  whose specialist area is sport and exercise nutrition. Whether you are looking for advice on a specific topic, training for a specific event or have a longer-term goal in mind, get in touch to see how she can support you and your athletes.

Contact Leanne through email, or Twitter, @nutritional_lea

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