Carlow Regatta: Saturday May 31st & Sunday 1st June 2014

We would like to thank all clubs for their entries to Carlow Regatta. We received a huge entry for which we are most grateful. Starting our regatta at 7.00am and running to 7pm on a two lane course we could run 180 races maximum. The entries way exceeded this amount and left us with two choices, to cancel the larger events which would affect mainly the younger juniors or to run a second day and in the interest of facilitating all who entered we have decided on running a two day event.

Events will run on Saturday 31st May from 12.00am–6.00pm, and on Sunday 1st June from 9.00am–5.40pm.

The following events will be rowed on Saturday and a detailed timetable will follow as soon as possible:

  • Men’s Senior 1X, Men’s Club 1 X, Men’s Club 2 2X, Men’s Club 1 2X, Men’s Club 2 4X+, Men’s Club 2 1X, Men’s Novice 4X+, Men’s Novice 1X
  • Men’s Master’s 4+, Men’s Masters 2X, Men’s Masters 1X
  • Men’s Jun 18 A 2X, Men’s Jun 18A 1X, Men’s Jun 18B 4X+, Men’s Jun 18B 2X, Men’s Jun 18B1X
  • Women’s Club 2 4+, Women’s Club 2 4X+, Women’s Club 2 1X
  • Women’s Jun 18A 2X, Women’s Jun 18A 4X-, Women’s Jun 18A 1X, Women’s Jun 18B 2X, Women’s Jun 18B 1X, Women’s Jun 18B 4X+
  • Women’s Masters 4X+, Women’s Masters 1X

Michael Curran
Regatta Secretary


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