Castletownbere RC Offshore Regatta – Monday 5th August

Castletownbere RC Offshore Regatta

2nd August 2019

Crew Captains’ Meeting: 10 AM at Castletownbere Boatclub, a captains meeting shall be convened at which all coxswains and crew captains must participate. At this meeting, the Race Director will explain and provide to all participants all information reasonably required for the safe running of the event (including local maritime rules, tidal movements, currents, ferry routes, known dangers and safety rules). If deemed necessary, the coxswains, and the crew captains may be invited to view the course from a motor launch of the organising committee.

Rowers’ Obligations: All rowers and coxswains must:

  • Be familiar with and respect local maritime rules in addition to the FISA Rules of Racing;
  • Wear appropriate life jackets or have an individual life jacket on board within easy and convenient reach for their personal use at all times when on the water. Coxswains shall wear a life jacket at all times when on the water;
  • Know what to do in the event of their boat swamping or capsizing and if their boat requires to be towed.
  • Ensure that the crew respects all navigational and safety rules;
  • Require that all members of the crew wear their life jackets as necessary;
  • Make necessary decisions for the safety of the crew if the weather deteriorates;
  • Monitor any changes in the weather or water conditions which might affect the safety of the crew.

 Race Times and Order

10:00  – Captain/Cox Meeting at CTB Boatclub

Race Block One – Race Start times

10:45  – Women’s Quad Race

10:48 – Men’s Doubles Race

10:51 – Men’s Singles Race

Race Block Two – Race Start times

12:15  – Men’s Quad Race

12:18 – Women’s Doubles Race & Mixed Doubles together

12:21 – Women’s Singles Race

More Inforamtion: FISA Race Pack Details 2019



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