Club “At Home” Regattas

There is a long tradition of club At Home regattas and local meets that never appear on our Fixtures List. These very enjoyable events provide a fun day for all rowers including those who may not be willing or able to race competitively.

> Rowing Ireland is encouraging clubs to grow their numbers through providing non-competitive rowing programs, sometimes called social or recreational rowing. A part of this expansion includes finding ways for these rowers to explore their interest in the sport through promoting appropriate events such as short (250/450m) races in touring quads.

> If you feel you have an event that would be open to inviting such rowers to be a part of our rowing family we would love to hear from you and publicise your event. Remember, none of this goes through Tracker or requires registration.

>At these regattas, where the short races are exciting and close, the social aspect is well catered for as people have the opportunity to mix and enjoy each other’s company.

> If this is of interest please get in touch with us through

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