Club Development Plan for Your Club

Example of a Club Development Plan for Your Club. 

All good clubs should have a plan which sets their direction for more than the current season.

This example was created by a Rowing Ireland Club and although names are removed it shows how a simple template can record a club’s plans and priorities for the future.

When the club membership is involved in setting the direction, and if the club committee takes ownership of the plan and monitors progress, the club can benefit by getting funding and support from new sources who like the plan, and by achieving its goals or even more.

The process for this plan involved one brainstorming meeting of interested club members, and a bit of work by 2 or 3 key committee members to write up the action tables and get the plan agreed.

If your club has ideas about improving and getting credit for these improvements, the RI Clubmark templates and guidance should be used, and the Club Development Plan template here is a great place to start. Make sure you really think through where your club wants to aim for and who it will be serving.

There are RI personnel keen to help clubs with this, and the recent Simon Dickie workshops with information here and video here will help you. Please contact for further assistance.


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