Rowing Ireland is delighted to partner with ClubFlow.io to help Irish rowing clubs to move online and continue to grow while respecting the current COVID guidelines and remaining socially distant.

ClubFlow.io offers a unique club management system which has been designed specifically with rowing clubs in mind.

The system allows clubs to track and manage members, crews and volunteers. In addition to this, the system helps clubs to collect money from their members by charging for memberships, one-time payments, and even hosting a full store online!

ClubFlow.io also offers powerful reporting tools which help clubs to run more efficiently and invest in areas that matter. With the reports, you can see which groups are growing over time, which groups need more investment and track your income over the year.

To help with the pressures of fundraising during these times, ClubFlow.io have just released a Lotto functionality which allows clubs to start running a club lotto in just 5 mins. Several Irish clubs are already using the lotto system and are finding that it drives engagement and raises much-needed funds!

To sign up or for more information, please visit clubflow.io or follow on Facebook or Twitter.