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Earlier on the web site I mentioned that a Provincial and Regional approach would be introduced to develop stronger HP athletes from our clubs for International Rowing in the period before they are carded and members of the senior high performance team at the NRC.
Rowing Ireland is in the early stages of this by establishing squad member training groups in Women’s Open & Lightweight and Men’s Open & Lightweight category. In Galway this contains at the moment athletes from a number of clubs:

Lisa Dilleen (Tribesmen RC),
Siobhan McCrohan (Tribesmen RC)
Emily Tormey (St. Michaels RC)
Aifric Keogh (NUIG BC)
Cliona Hurst (NUIG BC)
Mantas Pukelis (NUIG BC)
They use their own boats or club boats at the moment. The group can be changed, reduced or expanded.
David Mannion will develop the Provincial/Regional approach as the Connaught Talent Development Coach and is a well-known Head Coach of NUIG BC and successful U23 World Championship Coach for the Women’s squad. He will be supported by Sean Carolan (NUIG BC), Irish Champion Men’s Coach, Head of NUIG Men’s Squad, Henley Winner Coach and been coaching in Dublin as in Galway Clubs.
These personalities will be enrolled in supporting the organisation, the daily challenge and to get the athletes training in clubs.
It is my hope that contacts will be received with enthusiasm and support. So far many coaches have shown interest in the new set up, and thanks for this at the coaching meetings and via email. But we are still a long way from reaching the highest goals and a long and challenging pathway has to be followed before success is achieved.
The purpose is to enhance the training, prepare for the season better and create stronger athletes before crew formation and selection of crews. The athletes train 8 to 14 times weekly at the moment. It is my hope that clubs will understand this change of approach to athlete training and are ready to support the Provincial and Regional pathway.
The roles are to help the athletes with encouragement, coaching and to organize training venues and all practical matters concerning the group. The athlete’s attachment to their clubs will be embedded, and I will liaise with the club coaches initially for the development as the season progress.
And I hope there is room for patience and beginner errors too, with acceptance in your club and by coaches. The key at this stage is to work smarter and harder, get achievements and build relationships with honesty, transparency and fairness.

Morten Espersen

High performance Director

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