COVID-19 Working Group Update – 16.06.20


The COVID-19 Working Group regularly receive updates from Sport Ireland, Sport NI, FISA and the various authorities. The advice from all of these points to the resumption of most sporting activities soon and we anticipate crew rowing will be permitted on 20th July in the Republic of Ireland and we are waiting on a date to be confirmed in Northern Ireland.

However, if the 2m social distancing rule is reduced to 1m, this will enable crew rowing to commence earlier. Please note the events document is a working document for event organisers and will be updated according to any announcements regarding changes in restrictions. We would hope that any relaxing of restrictions which are predicted will make things easier for event organisers to run events more fluidly.

If there is no roll-back of the restrictions, the following is the outline of the revised 2020 season:

River Rowing: The Irish Rowing Championships will be held in the NRC on 12th & 13th September 2020 subject to Bord recommendation for AGM approval. We will hold a Festival of Rowing for non-Championship events will on 5th September 2020. On the basis that social distancing is reduced to 1 metre, we invite Regatta Committees to apply for regatta dates from 1st August to 6th September 2020. Applications should be forwarded to by 29th June 2020

Coastal Rowing: As the centre in Ballyshannon continues to be utilised as a COVID-19 Testing Centre, we need to change the venue. We will now hold the Irish Coastal Rowing Championships in the NRC on 29/30th August 2020. The various Associations are encouraged to run events from the beginning of August. Any club wishing to host the Championships should contact by 29th June 2020.

Offshore Rowing: As a result of logistical difficulties in hosting the Championships, Loughros Point has reluctantly had to withdraw as host. The Irish Offshore Rowing Championships will now be held on the 26th September at a venue to be confirmed. While we already have one club prepared to host the Championships, we invite all clubs to apply to host the event. Applications should be forwarded to by 29th June 2020. Also, we invite clubs to apply for regatta dates for their local events from 1st August to 20th September 2020.

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