December Ergometer testing notification

December Erg Testing:

To all coaches of athletes who wish to be selected for any Irish team in 2019. Find below a master excel document for the record of ergo test profile as planned. Please make sure to use this spreadsheet with the format, size and theme as in the example.


Just to remind all of you that this is a compulsory test for all athletes with the wish to be selected in one of the national teams of 2019. (including Coupe).


The 100mt, 500mt open rate must be done on the morning of 22nd Dec with the 6k open rate on the afternoon of the same day.

The 100/500m & 6k must be submitted by 5pm on Sunday 23rd Dec.


The 30min open rate test can be done anytime between 24th to 31st Dec.

The 30min scores can be submitted by 5pm on Tuesday 1st Jan 2019.NRC Power ergo test master sheet

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