Disciplinary Update

Can we please remind all Regatta Secretaries and key personnel that it is extremely important to return all regatta results to the office of Rowing Ireland within ten days for validation so that the new points system can be updated. We have issued warnings to several Secretaries this year and we will be issuing fines in the future due to the severe impact late returns have on the Tracker system.

Following the 2014 Championships the Disciplinary Officer issued fines to:


UCDBC MS4X declared for the race and unfortunately then withdrew for the race on the day. This offence is a breach of Rule 3.16 Declaration and UCDBC have acknowledged and paid their fine.


DUBC MI1X Mahon who was declared to race did not show at the start for his appointed race time. We acknowledge he did turn up but significantly late. This offence is a breach of Rule 3.16 Declaration and DUBC have acknowledged and paid their fine.

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