Disqualification at Skibbereen Regatta

Following an investigation of crew points at Skibbereen Regatta, UCD Boat Club have admitted to the illegal substitution of a rower into the Women’s Club 2 8+.

As a result of this illegal substitution the UCD BC crew has been disqualified and the winners medals and victory will go to Shandon Boat Club.

This was a breach of Rule 2.22 that states ‘Racing grades for all boats will be determined by the maximum permitted cumulative points allowable per boat per grade as follows: Club 2 8+ 2000 points. Scullers in crew boats and all sweep rowers can compete in any grade competition so long as the total points of all competitors in the boat does not exceed the maximum points allowable for that grade.’

Rowing Ireland wish to remind Clubs of their obligation to ensure that the points for their crews following substitutions are correct. We also wish to advise Clubs of the need for vigilance and adherence to the Rules of Rowing Ireland and that there will be fines imposed for future breaches of the rules.

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