Structure of Rowing Ireland

The Board of Directors of Rowing Ireland comprises President, Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, former President for two years after leaving office, and two representatives from each branch. The CEO also attends meetings.

The first three are voted in at the AGM. The branch representatives are voted in by the Branch AGM’s.

To put names to titles, the current holders of the various posts for the 2009/10 season are as follows:

Title:                                                Incumbent                   Club

President:                                          Tony Dooley                Carlow RC

Treasurer:                                          Gerry Farrell                 Drogheda RC

Hon. Secretary                                  Gordon Reid                Lagan Scullers’ Club

Connaught Branch Vice President:     Mike Hughes                Galway RC

Connaught Representative                  Mike McCrohan           Tribesmen RC

Leinster Vice President                      Brendan O’Dea            Neptune RC

Leinster Representative                      Mark Pattison               DUBC

Munster Vice President                      Lisa O’Callaghan          Waterford BC

Munster Representative                     Kieran Kerr                  St Michaels RC

Ulster Vice President                         Brenda Ewing               Belfast RC

Ulster Representative                         Garth Young                 Belfast RC

Former President within 2 years         n/a

 The current chairs of the provincial branches are:

Province                         Chair:                          Club

Connaught                       Mark Kelly                   Carrick-on-Shannon RC

Leinster                           Brendan O’Dea            Neptune RC

Munster                           Lisa O’Callaghan          Waterford BC

Ulster                              Brenda Ewing               Belfast RC

A number of sub committees have been set up to coordinate certain aspects of our sport. These are chaired as follows:

Subcommittee                                              SubCtte Chair and objectives

Adaptive Rowing:                                          Joe Cunningham

Coordinate Adaptive Rowing efforts domestic and beyond

Audit.                                                             TBA

                                                                     Formulate Policies; Check implementation; Review practices and procedures; Assure good Governance

Finance Subcommittee                                   TBA

Anti-doping:                                                  Martin Corcoran

                                                                        Coordinate the IARU’s compliance with anti-doping regulations and practice. Arrange educational activities throughout the sport.

Championships                                              Mike Hughes

                                                                     Coordinate the running of the Senior and Junior Irish Rowing  championships

Club Development:                                        Mike McCrohan to develop remit – No appointment

                                                                     Provide information, expertise, and if available and appropriate, financial backing, to ensure the active continuation of existing clubs and the viable establishment of new clubs. The main input to this committee should come from the branches rather than centrally.

Coach Education:                                          Mark Pattison

                                                                        Organise, Control, develop all matters relating to Coach Education; Establish Coach Ed Plan & Programme; Establish budget. Reporting.

Disciplinary:.                                                  To Be Announced

                                                                     Oversee the investigation and processing of disciplinary matters should they arise

Disciplinary Officer                                        CEO

Domestic Events                                            Brenda Ewing

                                                                     Coordinate Events calendar; Events’ Observers, competition rules.

High Performance RI Officer                          Garth Young.      

                                                                     Organise, Control, develop all matters relating to International Rowing; Establish IR Plan & Programme; Establish budget & Reporting.

National Rowing Centre:                                 Brendan O’Dea

                                                                        Organise, Control, develop all matters relating to the National Rowing Centre facilities, on and off the water; Establish NRC Plan & Programme; Establish budget. Reporting.

Safety.                                                           TBA       

                                                                     Organise, control, develop matters relating to safety; Safety Plan;  Work with other relevant sub-committees.

Strategic Plan and 2009 Operational Plan:      Mike McCrohan

                                                                     Coordinate development of a strategic plan for Irish Rowing from 2009 to 2013 and beyond

Tour and Recreational Rowing:                      Frank Durkin

                                                                     Develop and promote Tour & Recreational rowing and increase participation by men and women of all ages.

Umpires:                                                        Lisa O’Callaghan

                                                                     Organise…matters related to umpiring (domestic and beyond); Umpire Seminars, monitor umpiring… Competition rules

University Rowing:                                         Billy Ryan, UCC

                                                                     Act as liaison with the third level colleges; Liaise with the University Championships.   Consider other university/student rowing matters

Ethics Subcommittee                                      Open

                                                                     Organise, Control, develop all matters relating to youth rowing. Encourage uptake of sport; Implement Code of Ethics          

Masters Rowing                                            Open

PR and Marketing                                         CEO


Rowing Ireland Office

The Rowing Ireland office is responsible for processing registrations, affiliations and providing a service to clubs. It manages Rowing Ireland 's finance system and liaises with statutory agencies and other bodies. The office is staffed by the CEO, Martin Corcoran, Tomas Kelly  - Administrator and  Ji Young Kim, Accounts.

Denis O’Regan is the administrator at the National Rowing Centre.

Officers for other key areas

National Childrens Officer - Tom Fenessey.
Person with Responsibility for Reporting (Code of
Ethics)- Martin Corcoran at Rowing Ireland Office, Person for Anti Doping reports- Martin Corcoran at Rowing Ireland Office.

High Performance

Martin McElroy is the Performance Director, and Adrian Cassidy is the Senior Coach, Rob Baker U23 coach, Derek Holland, Jnr coach