Domestic Events Committee

1.  Composition

The Domestic Events Committee (DEC) consists of a Chair and a minimum of two other members. Those with particular expertise may be invited to attend meetings as required.

2.  Appointment

The Chair is appointed annually by the Board of Rowing Ireland following the AGM. The members of the committee are appointed by the Chair who may take geographical location into consideration when making appointments.

3.  Purpose  

To plan the development of and to oversee domestic competition in Ireland with a view to maintaining and raising standards.

4.  Functions

4.1 Help drive the Rowing Ireland strategic initiative regarding events and event

4.2 Work with regatta committees to help improve the standard of events

4.3 Determine a plan to develop and enhance events going forward, including Grand
League events and Grow the Sport events

4.4 Determine whether a regatta is a Status, Semi-Status or Non-Status event

4.5 Determine the Event License fee for all events each year and receive all event license applications

4.6 Prepare and submit the Rowing Ireland Events Calendar to the AGM

4.7 Nominate observers for all events on the Rowing Ireland Calendar and receive the completed reports from the appointed observers

4.8 Consider the completed observers reports and recommend any required action to the Boar of Rowing Ireland

4.9 Lay down regulations, endorsed by the Board of Rowing Ireland, for Heads of the
River, timed events and other processional races held outside the regatta season.

4.10 Ensure that the prospectus for each Head of the River and Regatta is correct
and abides by the Rules for Competitive Rowing.

4.11 Review the draw for each event, and ensure that it follows the basic principles, as defined in the Rules for Competitive Rowing. If the draw doesn’t follow these
principles, the DEC must ask the event committee to conduct a new draw.

4.12 Determine the type of “Invitation Events” that may be offered and ensure they are not being offered in order to circumvent status rules

4.13 Monitor overseas participation, as notified to the Rowing Ireland office, to ensure all athletes competing overseas have permission to compete, are registered members of Rowing Ireland and declare wins as appropriate

4.14 To respond to any formal complaints relating to events within the remit of the Committee

4.15 Ensure that all Event Committees abide by the rules of Rowing Ireland

4.16 To liaise through the Chair with the CEO of Rowing Ireland as necessary

4.17 Perform any other tasks allocated by the Board of the Rowing Ireland

5.  Meeting Frequency

The DEC shall meet a minimum of twice a year and more frequently as required.

6.  Board Reporting

The Committee will report three times per annum and their report should contain the following:

• Dates of what meetings have been held and attendance
• Plan of activities and objectives for the year
• Summary of activities since the last report
• Any actions requiring Board attention

7.  Membership 2013/2014

Chair: Lisa O’Callaghan
Members: A Dooley, S Scully, B Ewing.

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