Domestic Events Season FAQ


Following yesterday’s announcement regarding the rescheduling of the Irish Rowing Championships to September 12th – 13th-weekend Rowing Ireland has received positive feedback of the rescheduling.

To clarify how this will work, please refer to the FAQ on the domestic events season:

The Irish Rowing Championships is now in September and the registration year usually is September to 31 August. Do I need to re-register my membership with Rowing Ireland and does my Club need to re-affiliate with Rowing Ireland?

You don’t need to do this.

Rowing Ireland will change the Club affiliation and registration dates membership exceptionally for this year to accommodate our members. The rowing registration/affiliation membership year will now be extended from September 2019 to October 2020.

To compete in the Championships, we usually need to affiliate our club in March and register our members by June, do we still need to do this?

Yes. We are keeping all the existing affiliation and registrations the same as for previous years, as we expect this is just going to be for one year only. Registration rules still remain the same.

What about our non-championships events as junior 14/15 etc?

Our Juniors are at the heart of our rowing community. However, we are restricted to holding a Championships Regatta over two days with limited daylight hours compared to holding the event in the month of July. Notwithstanding this, we would like to hold a Grand Youth & Masters regatta during a newly structured domestic events programme. to commend and celebrate our Junior rowers and Master rowers with every celebration that they deserve. Additionally, we hope that this will give them confidence and perseverance in our sport to continue to next year’s full-blown Irish Championships that will celebrate our sport in full swing in Olympic year at the National Rowing Centre.

What about the rest of the domestic events calendar?

Clubs will be asked if they wish to apply to hold events and will be given every opportunity to hold their events during our later scheduled season. We know this is unprecedented times and we are doing everything to accommodate our season and clubs by pushing all events out to give everyone hope and encouragement to continue the sport that we all love. For now, we are asking regatta committee not to submit applications until such time as the Domestic Events Committee puts a process in place.

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