Expression of Interest – HW Men Sculling/Sweep Clubs

Expression of Interest

Pathway for clubs to be part of developing athletes in HW Men Sculling / Sweep

From the recent turn out at the Blessington Heavyweight camp we recognize that we have some excellent athletes, however we do want to increase this pool so that we can make a stronger selection for our international squads.

The Rowing Ireland High Performance Program is seeking interest from clubs to become part of this process.  We want to identify a core number of clubs for athletes coming through the college system to join and to develop stronger crews. So for example if we have four clubs selected to become part of the sweep project, we should see consistent strong fours.  This will mean that we would have a squad of 16 athletes to select from to compete at international regattas such as the Holland Beker Regatta.

This then will lead to developing a stronger international rowing team in anticipation of developing crews for U23, World and Olympic Championships.

The benefits for clubs will be:

  • An enhanced training environment
  • A feeder system
  • A spin off at domestic and international regattas regarding results
  • A development of a coach(es) in the ranks of men’s rowing

The requirements are willingness and buying into the project either as a sculling or sweep club, or both. Ideally clubs will have athletes in the trialing system, such as a talented U23/ Senior athlete and:

  • Be part of creating a bigger pool of athletes to train and participate in camps with the goal of getting international experience
  • Have a club coach as part of the project
  • Provide boats that are of reasonable quality. Sweep clubs should have 1 – 2 pairs and 1 coxless four. Sculling clubs should have 1 – 4 singles, 1 double/quad.
  • Equipment provided should be under supervision of a club liaison equipment officer (club captain)
  • Clubs should make sure that there is insurance cover on all equipment

Currently Rowing Ireland unfortunately has no funds to support this project but as we see crews meeting international standards, supports will be put in place for these crews.

For clubs interested please download this form, fill out & send back to:

HP HW Coach James Mangan-

HP Director Morten Espersen-

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