FISA Coastal is Now “Offshore Rowing”

There are three distinct types of rowing in Ireland. There is river or Olympic rowing which is carried out on rivers and lakes. There is coastal rowing carried out in a variety of traditional craft as well as the “One Design” boat. Finally there is FISA Coastal rowing which is the exciting brand of rowing in self bailing boats with sliding seats. Of the three, the river and FISA coastal rowing are administered by Rowing Ireland. Following a review it has been decided that for marketing purposes, and also to distinguish FISA coastal from traditional coastal rowing, we are going to rebrand the latter as “Offshore” rowing. A number of other Federations have also adopted the practice of using offshore rowing. British Rowing recently held the inaugural British Offshore Rowing Championships.


For more details on what has been described as the “BMX” of rowing, follow this link –


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