FIXTURES ALLOCATION & EVENT LICENCE for 2020 – Register by 1st February 2019



To all event Organising Committees – reminder that applications to hold events in 2020 should be submitted to the Chair of the Domestic Events Committee at  by 1st February 2019  as per the Rule 2.8.


Following on from the recent Provincial Strategic Plan Forums a meeting for Organising Committees, coaches and Club administrators will be held in February – date and venue to be confirmed. At this meeting there will be discussions about the layout of events within the Fixtures list.


2.8   Fixtures Allocation & Event Licence


Any Organising Committee (OC), which must be an affiliated club or a group of affiliated clubs, which proposes to hold a regatta or head of the river, shall apply for a licence for that purpose.


All applications must be submitted to the Chair of the Domestic Events Committee (DEC) by 1st February of the year before the event is planned.


Should an OC apply for a date after 1st February, the DEC, may at their sole discretion, allocate the event a date provided that it does not clash with a date already allocated to another event.


The fee which is payable for each day of the event will be determined by the Domestic Events Committee and may vary depending on the size of the event. The appropriate licence fee must be paid within 28 days of a date being granted. Any event which has not paid by the date due shall be removed from the

calendar and shall only be reinstated on payment of an amount equal to double the applicable licence fee.


Every application shall also state an alternative date or dates.


An event which has not completed its regatta returns in respect of the previous year will not be granted a date.


The proceeds from such licences shall be ring -fenced and shall be used to develop Domestic Events in such a manner as determined by the Board on the recommendation of the Domestic Events Committee.


The committee shall allocate dates in such a manner as to produce a coherent and effective regatta season.


The committee shall determine if each regatta is status, semi-status or non-status. A win at a semi-status regatta will count as half a status win.


The draft programme shall be placed before the Annual General Meeting for ratification by simple majority vote.



Brenda Ewing


Domestic Events Committee

DEC – Event applications for 2020 – web notice

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