Please be aware that this plan will be subject to change based on the everchanging environment associated with Covid-19 restrictions and limitations.

October 17 -18 – HP Erg Monitoring Test 1 (100m/500m/6k/30min) – Open and completed

November 23-27 – 2k erg test – free rate and drag – Test to be completed domestically on the dates indicated and submitted on the excel sheet attached by 5pm 28 November – Open

December 21-22 – HP Erg Monitoring Test 2 (100m/500/6k/30min) – Test to be completed domestically and submitted on the excel sheet attached by 5pm 23 December – Open

January 23 – 2k Erg Test – Details TBC

Jan 25-26 – HP Erg Monitoring Test 3 (100m/500m/6k/30min) – Invitation only

February 19 – 21 – HP 2k on water trials – Invitation only

After both these tests the process will become invitation only with athletes being invited to join training groups, involving submission of the twice weekly erg monitoring sessions, to show commitment and improved performances as well as regional or centralised camps depending on restrictions at the time. It may be required to return to online sessions. Continued competitive performances and attendance will be required to remain part of these groups. Any athlete showing significant and competitive improvement at the January 2k may be considered for addition to these groups. – Invitation to the February trials will then follow.

On water Trials Contingency Plan

If the opportunity arises it may be possible to hold a behind closed doors water trail at some point after December 1 depending on government guidelines – if this is the case a limited number of athletes may be invited at short notice to take part in a water trial based on recent international performances along with current level of performance.

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