HP Update

Please find attached the updated invitation list for this weekend’s trial. 

Coaches are asked to confirm athletes’ attendance and what boats they plan to bring by lunchtime Thursday. 

Updated Plan 

  • Friday – arrival, rigging and briefing from 4 pm course will open from 4:30 until the course closes at 6:30 NRC closing at 6:45
  • Saturday – AM 2k in small boats (1x/2-) or as otherwise advised. PM 2K boats will be based on the results of AM racing. 
  • Sunday – AM 2k (In crew boats or as decided based on Saturday results and other data). PM 2K (In crew boats or as agreed based on Saturday results and other data)

Athletes and coaches are reminded that outstanding erg tets must be submitted before attendance on Friday. 

COVID safety 

  • If you are feeling unwell, please do not attend. 
  • Access to the building is only permitted for the use of the downstairs toilets, and we encourage the usage of masks in this case.