Points / Age Grade as of 27/03/2019 , Champs Points @ 01/09/18 , Champs Age as of 01/01/2019
SurnameFirst NameRower IDAge GradeNoviceScull PointsSweep Points(Champs) Age Grade(Champs) Scull(Champs) Sweep(Champs) NoviceClubs Season(2019)
LawlorBrian15476J18BNo100100J18B100100NoNeptune, Rower.
Coastal Age Status @ 27/03/2019 , Age at 01/01/2019
Name Reg Num History Coastal/Offshore Age Status Coastal/Offshore Clubs
Lawlor, Brian15476Wins/PointsNeptune Rowing Club
Points Calculation
31/08/2018Junior Additions100100100full year registered junior (18) 2018100100100full year registered junior (18) 2018
05/07/2018Status Losses-2000Cork Regatta - 2 Days @ 23/06/2018, pos:Competed, 4X+, Mens Novice 4X+, Skipped as 300 not reached000
27/03/2018Crossover000AgeG: J18B, RowG: novice, crossover base: 0, win: 0000AgeG: J18B, RowG: novice, crossover base: 0, win: 0
01/09/2017Start000start points applied on first paid date000start points applied on first paid date

DateRegattaEventBoatGradeRace PositionPoints
23/06/2018 Cork Regatta - 2 Days Mens Novice 4X+ full-status 4X+ Novice Competed -20
21/04/2018 Trinity Regatta Mens Club 1 4X+ non-status 4X+ Club 1 Competed 0
08/04/2018 Commercial Regatta Mens Novice 4X+ non-status 4X+ Novice 2nd 0
07/04/2018 Neptune Regatta Mens Club 2 4X+ non-status 4X+ Club 2 Competed 0
DateHeadEventBoatGradeRace Position
02/03/2019 Erne HOR (validated) Mens J18A 4X- non-status 4X- J18A Competed
01/12/2018 Head of the Shannon (validated) Mens J18A 8+ non-status 8+ J18A Competed
Overseas Wins
No wins recorded
Registration History
YearPaidPaid DateTypeUmpireCoachClub
2019yes20/11/2018 10:35RowernonoNeptune Rowing Club
2018yes27/03/2018 07:22RowernonoNeptune Rowing Club
Junior Additions
DateSweep PointsSweep InfoScull PointsScull Info
2018100full year registered junior (18) 2018100full year registered junior (18) 2018
International Representation
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Start points (post crossover)
Masters Deductions (post crossover)
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Time Away (post crossover)
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Crossover Information
Crossover:2018-03-27, born: 2001
-Age GradeGradeBaseWinTotalNotes

Masters Deductions (pre crossover)
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Time Away (pre crossover)
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