Irish Provinces Indoor Rowing Competition Results

The Irish Provinces Indoor Rowing Competition took place last Saturday, 22nd November, at the University of Limerick University Arena. 750 athletes competed in over 1100 race slots. 59 clubs took part in the competition with 32 of these being Rowing Ireland registered clubs.

Below are the top three athletes in each category:


Mens Open 1st Kevin Coughlan (Carlow) 6:10.2, 2nd David Meehan (SMRC) 6:11.3 & Dan Hindle (NUIG) 6:11.3

Lightweight Men 1st Jonathan Doyle 6:28.1, 2nd Alan McKenna (Carlow) 6:38.3, 3rd Alan Goodison (Fermoy RC) 6:53.3

Mens U23 1st Andy Harrington (UCC RC) 6:15.3, 2nd Richard O’Hagan (NUIG) 6:15.8, 3rd Mantas Pukelis (NUIG) 6:16.2

Lightweight Men U23 1st David O’Malley (UCD BC) 6:28.6, 2nd Liam Keane (NUIG) 6:29.2, 3rd Conor Carmody (Shannon) 6:32.0

Men 30-39 1st Gary Conway (St. Pat’s) 6:16.7, 2nd Ryan Corcoran (Carlow) 6:18.8, 3rd Ray Sheehan 6:35.0

Lightweight Men 30-39 1st Ronan Brennan (St.Pat’s) 6:56.7

Men 40-49 1st Tom Hackett 6:42.3, 2nd Patrick O’Sullivan (PWRC) 6:52.9, 3rd John Dillon (Castleconnell BC) 7:08.8

Lightweight Men 40-49 1st Colin O’Neill 6:54.3, 2nd David Hussey (Portmagee RC) 7:06.3, 3rd Kieran Keating (SMRC) 7:19.3

Men 50-59 1st Oliver Short (St Pat’s) 6:44.4, 2nd Dominic Crehan (Eton Excelsior RC) 6:53.5, 3rd Hamish Logan 7:10.7

Lightweight Men 50-59 1st Christian Leonard 7:24.8

MJ16 1st Gavin Morrison (Fermoy RC) 6:37.4, 2nd Timothy Pyne (Fermoy RC) 6:38.0, 3rd Sean Byrne (Carlow) 6:55.8

MJ18 1st Eoghan Whittle (Castleconnell BC) 6:26.6, 2nd Andrew Goff (Waterford BC) 6:31.2, 3rd Shane O’Connell (Cork BC) 6:31.3

Mens LTA 1st Shane Ryan (SMRC) 6:48.4, 2nd Aron O’Dowd 7:08.1

Mens Open Team 1st NUIG 5:19.5, 2nd Timon Carlow 5:43.9, 3rd Crossfit Limerick 1 5:46.6

Mens College Student Team 1st NUIG 1 5:34.2, 2nd NUIG 2 5:47.8

Mens Team 1st Year School 1st CRCC A 7:48.0, 2nd CRCC B 9:38.3

Mens Team 2nd Year School 1st St. Joseph’s College 6:17.3, 2nd Blackrock College 4 7:18.1, 3rd CRCC2 7:30.6

Mens Team 3rd Year School 1st Colaiste Iognaid 2 6:20.7, 2nd SMRC 1 6:38.1, 3rd Colaiste Iognaid 1 6:46.5

Mens Team 4th Year School 1st Blackrock College 1 6:20.3, 2nd Blackrock College 2 6:21.9, 3rd CRCC B 6:30.2

Mens Team 5th Year School 1st St. Joseph’s College 1 5:45.4, 2nd Athlunkard BC 1 5:54.1, 3rd St. Joseph’s College 2 6:11.4

Women Open 1st Aine Collins (Fermoy RC) 7:23.7, 2nd Jessica O’Keeffe (SMRC) 7:25.4, 3rd Marie Piggot (NUIG) 7:39.4

Lightweight Women 1st Siobhan McCrohan (Tribesmen RC) 7:15.2 (new Irish record – previous was 7:16.8), 2nd Amy Bulman (UCC RC) 7:48.2

Women U23 1st Deirdre O’Sullivan (UCC RC) 7:17.9, 2nd Caoimhe Joyce-Hearne (NUIG) 7:20.4, 3rd Hannah O’Sullivan (SMRC) 7:23.6

Lightweight Women U23 1st Robyn Ryan (NUIG) 7:58.6, 2nd Aoife Byrne (Carlow) 7:59.9, 3rd Saoirse Horgan (UCC RC)  8:06.0

Women 30-39 1st Malwina Tritt (c2tweetcrew) 7:46.9, 2nd Mary Fogarty (Sive RC) 7:47.2, 3rd Muireann McEnery (Castleconnell BC) 8:09.9

Lightweight Women 30-39 1st Monika Tupa (Castleconnell BC) 8:31.4, 2nd Catherine O’Sullivan (Castleconnell BC) 9:42.4

Women 40-49 Carolann Quinlan (Castleconnell BC) 8:33.5

Lightweight Women 40-49 1st Lucy O’Brien 7:44.0, 2nd Tina O’Sullivan (PWRC) 8:16.4

Women 50-59 1st Kathleen McCarthy (Sive RC) 8:30.5, 2nd Marie Ryan (Castleconnell BC) 8:33.7, 3rd Tilly Jordan (Arklow RC) 8:33.8

Lightweight Women 50-59 1st Margot Lawlor (Callinafercy RC) 8:08.2

WJ16 1st Alison Mooney (Offaly RC) 7:35.6, 2nd Eimear Cummins (Lee RC) 7:43.4, 3rd Tara Dunbar (Sligo RC) 7:45.4

WJ18 1st Sarah Murphy (SMRC) 7:30.6, Willow Littlewood (Lee RC) 7:41.6, 3rd Susie O’Neill (Commercial RC) 7:43.6

Womens LTA 1st Sarah McLoughlin (Tralee RC) 8:22.6, 2nd Cliona Horan (Tribesmen RC) 9:29.6, 3rd Aine Leonard 9:56.7

Womens Open Team 1st NUIG 6:33.5, 2nd Moorepark Muckers Fermoy RC 7:00.3, 3rd Crossfit Limerick 1 7:07.8

Womens College Student Team 1st Athlunkard BC 3 7:15.0

Womens Team 1st Year School 1st CRCC 1 9:18.8, 2nd Laurel Hill 1 10:09.5

Womens Team 2nd Year School 1st SMRC 5 7:19.7, 2nd Colaiste Iognaid 7:20.1, 3rd Castleconnell BC 7:47.7

Womens Team 3rd Year School 1st Castleconnell BC 7:29.2, 2nd Athlunkard BC 2 7:33.6, 3rd Colaiste Bride 7:52.4

Womens Team 4th Year School 1st Ursuline Rowers Sligo RC 7:33.1

Womens Team 5th Year School 1st SMRC 2 7:07.8, SMRC 3 7:29.1


Mens LTA Martin Enright (Cork BC) 3:36.9

Men AS Tom Kelly (Commercial) 4:07.3

Mens Fresher 1st Richard O’Hagan (NUIG) 3:02.4, 2nd Eamon Power (NUIG) 3:06.3, 3rd Carlo Diggin (NUIG) 3:22.6

Mens J15 1st Ethan Murphy (St. Joseph’s RC)3:16.9, 2nd Ross O’Brien (Carlow) 3:22.8, 3rd Andy O’Toole (Carlow) 3:24.2

Womens Fresher 1st Katherine Wilkie (NUIG) 3:52.6, 2nd Kirstin Rule (NUIG) 3:52.7, 3rd Connie Barry (NUIG) 3:57.4


Mens Open 1st Robert Whelan 1:20.9, 2nd Denis O’Riordan (Whitegate RC) 1:21.2, 3rd Noel Carey (Shandon) 1:22.5

Lightweight Mens Open 1st Raymond O’Mahony (Waterford BC) 1:28.2, 2nd Liam Keane (NUIG) 1:29.4, Luke Keating (Carlow) 1:32.3, (6th Christian Leonard 1:34.5 – new Irish record for LM 50-59 – old record 1:41.1)

Mens 40-59 1st Tom Hackett (Connaght) 1:26.4, 2nd James McMurtry (Munster) 1:27.6, 3rd Patrick O’Sullivan 1:30.4

MJ13 1st Josh Loughrey (Blackrock College RC) 1:41.1, 2nd Zak Rather (CRCC) 1:43.5, 3rd Ben Bradley (St. Joseph’s RC) 1:44.3

MJ14 1st Jack Keating (Carlow) 1:32.0, 2nd Rory Tummon (St. Joseph’s RC) 1:33.0, 3rd Sean Houlihan (Killorglin) 1:33.4

MJ15 1st Andrew Ennis (Blackrock College RC) 1:32.1, 2nd Charlie Lawless (Blackrock College RC) 1:34.6, Peter Walsh (Blackrock College RC) 1:34.6

MJ16 1st Ronan Byrne (Shandon) 1:25.9, 2nd Sean Byrne (Carlow) 1:30.9, 3rd Michael O’Dwyer (SMRC) 1:32.1

MJ18 1st Goran Nikic (Templenoe RC) 1:23.5, 2nd Daniel Begley (Shandon) 1:24.6, 3rd Andrew Goff (Waterford BC) 1:27.0

Mens LTA 1st Shane Ryan (SMRC)1:31.9, 2nd Aron O’Dowd 1:36.2, 3rd Sean Moyles (Sligo RC) 2:08.4

Womens Open 1st Caoimhe Joyce-Hearne (NUIG) 1:38.5, 2nd Katie McEneff (NUIG) 1:41.0, 3rd Veronica Kingston (Killorglin RC) 1:42.9

Lightweight Women Open 1st Lucy O’Brien 1:43.4, 2nd Aoife Byrne (Carlow) 1:50.2, Tina O’Sullivan (PWRC) 1:50.2

Womens 40-59 1st Margot Lawlor (Callinafercy RC) 1:53.2, Mary O’Sullivan (Kilmacabea RC) 2:05.1

WJ13 1st Jennifer Crowley (Shandon) 1:44.5, 2nd Siofra O’Flynn (Cork BC) 1:45.4, 3rd Lystus Ebosele (Colaiste Bride) 1:50.1

WJ14 1st Anne O’Farrell (Cork BC) 1:43.0, 2nd Caoileann McDonagh (Colaiste Iognaid RC) 1:46.7, 3rd Caoimhe Kelly (Muckross) 1:49.4

WJ15 1st Anna Prendergast (SMRC) 1:44.1, 2nd Kaylynn O’Brien (Carlow) 1:45.9, Mia Kovacs (Shandon) 1:46.0

WJ16 1st Olivia O’Donoghue (Muckross) 1:47.9, 2nd Clara Rowe Ham (Lee RC) 1:50.1, 3rd Meadbh Heaney (Lee RC) 1:50.5

WJ18 1st Willow Littlewood (Lee RC) 1:43.7, 2nd Aoife Cusheen (NUIG) 1:43.8, 3rd Chloe McGuire (Lee RC) 1:45.1

Womens LTA 1st Sarah McLoughlin (Tralee RC) 1:58.5, 2nd Cliona Horan (Tribesmen RC) 2:09.9, 3rd Aine Leonard 2:14.9

3 minute piece

MJ13 1st Zak Rather (CRCC) 847m, 2nd Darragh McCarthy (Shandon) 843m, 3rd Josh Loughrey (Blackrock College RC) 836m

WJ13 1st Hannah Gahan (Cork BC) 802m, 2nd Roisin Hegarty (Cork BC) 799m, 3rd Megan Hosford (Shandon) 795m

4 minute piece

MJ14 1st Sean Houlihan (Killorglin RC) 1166m, Edward Donovan (Neptune RC) 1164m, 3rd Cillian Blacoe (Colaiste Iognaid RC) 1151m

WJ14 1st Anne O’Farrell (Cork BC) 1086m, 2nd Mide Dineen (Shandon) 1065m, 3rd Caoileann McDonagh (Colaiste Iognaid RC) 1061m

5 minute piece

MJ15 1st Andrew Ennis (Blackrock College RC) 1466m, 2nd James McCarthy (Athlunkard) 1464m, 3rd Charlie Lawless (Blackrock College RC) 1455m

WJ15 1st Aine Rice (Shandon) 1342m, 2nd Mia Kovacs (Shandon) 1321m, Anna Prendergast (SMRC) 1321m

Full results are available here.

The first ‘Slider’ races to be held in Ireland took place on the day which involved four crews on moving ergs racing as their provinces. 

All the ergs used for racing were brand new and taken out of the boxes Friday.

Joe Cantillon of RowFit described the event as “a very successful day.”

Attention now turns to the Irish Indoor Rowing Championships which are to be held on Saturday 24th January 2015 at the University of Limerick. More information about the event is available here.

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