Irish Rowing Championship Regatta 2020

Irish Rowing Championship Regatta 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has severely disrupted Rowing across the World in 2020. In Ireland, that has resulted in the cancellation of the originally scheduled regatta season and the Championship Regatta scheduled for July. As the country now starts to reopen, Rowing Ireland is following the Government Roadmap to recovery. Rowing Ireland has issued Return To Rowing protocols to support our clubs and members. Rowers are already training in single sculls and we look forward to crew rowing recommencing in the near future.

 The Domestic Events Committee has started the process of putting in place an alternative regatta season commencing in early August. At its recent meeting, the Championship Committee committed to offering a Championship Regatta on 12th/13th September. The decision on holding a Domestic Regatta Season in 2020 will be made by the clubs at the AGM in July. 

Running a regatta under Covid-19 conditions presents a number of logistical challenges and inevitably it will make the Championship regatta different to previous years. 

The two main differences are as follows: 

  1.  The competition will be restricted to two days 
  2. The Championships regatta will only include Championship events. 


The above is due to the additional time requirements to run an event under Covid-19 conditions and the availability of volunteers. 

We appreciate that this will disappoint those not competing at the Championship grades. Therefore, we propose to have a Festival of Rowing the previous weekend to cater for these crews.

We understand for a number of different Covid related reasons, not all clubs will be able to compete at a Championship Regatta this year. The Committee fully appreciate the disappointment that the members of these clubs will feel at being unable to compete. We do however believe that we have an obligation under our strategy to offer a Championship event for those clubs who are able to participate. In particular, we believe it is important to offer an event to those competitors who are in their last year of competition at Junior level and those who have continued to train during this difficult time. 

To facilitate the running of a championship regatta in September, we have asked the Board to propose the following Trial Rules at the AGM in July:

  • The season will be extended to the end of September so that the 2019/20 affiliations and registrations will be valid
  • The eligibility to compete for the Novice grade has been reduced from 2 regattas in your lifetime to 1 regatta in your lifetime, for the 2020 season only
  • The regatta extinction rule which specifies that if less than three crews start in an event for two successive years, it ceases to be a Championship will be suspended for 2020
  • The date for rower registration for a specific club is being moved from 1st June to 1st September for this year only

We hope that your club will be able to participate in the Championship Regatta which we believe will be a reflection of the resilience of Irish rowing in these dark days. The safety of all members of the rowing family is however paramount and individual athletes will have to make the individual decision on whether it is advisable for them to participate, taking into account their personal circumstances.

The Four Block schedule for the 2020 Championship Regatta is attached to assist clubs in planning for the event. 

Eamonn Colclough Lisa O’Callaghan

President Rowing Ireland Chair – Championship Committee


Sequence of Championships Events

The list below shows the sequence in which it is proposed to run the events. Depending on the entry in each event, it may however be necessary to make some changes to the sequence in order to facilitate semi-finals. 


Saturday Morning Saturday Afternoon
Mens Novice 4X+ Womens Intermediate  8+
Mens Intermediate 8+ Womens Senior 2X
Womens Intermediate 2- Mens Senior 4-
Womens Lightweight 1X Womens Junior 2-
Mens Lightweight 1X Mens Club 8+
Mens Intermediate 2X Mens Junior 8+
Womens Club 8+ Mens Intermediate 2-
Womns Junior 8+ Womens Intermediate 2X
Womens Novice 4X+ Womens Senior 4-
Mens Club 1X Womens Junior 1X
Mens Junior 2X Mens Junior 1X
Sunday Morning Sunday Afternoon
Womens Senior 1X Mens Senior 1X
Mens Senior 4X Mens Intermediate 4+
Mens Novice 8+ Womens Inter 4+
Womens Inter 1X Womens Novice 8+
Womens Senior 2- Mens Senior 8+
Mens Junior 4+ Womens Senior 8+
Mens Club 4+ Mens Junior 2-
Mens Intermediate 1X Womens Junior 4X
Womens Junior 2X Womens Club 1X
Womens Junior 4- Mens Junior 4X
Womens Club 4+


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