The Committee noted the recently announced Government cautious approach for reopening the country by giving a weekly plan, up to week beginning 26th April, for easing of restrictions.

No further plan beyond that date has been communicated as yet. However, the Committee does remain optimistic for the recommencement of competitive rowing following the recent announcement and the continued roll-out of the vaccine.

As discussed with clubs at the recent EGM, we are committed to running Championships this year. In addition, the committee has reaffirmed its commitment to providing at least six weeks, notice where possible of the Championship date(s).

In light of many uncertainties and the cautious approach to easing of restrictions, we believe it is still too early to set dates for Championships at this time. However, it is unlikely that any Championships will be scheduled as early as the traditional July dates as it is hoped to have further regattas in advance of the Championships.

At this time it is not possible to indicate if we will be able to include events for Junior 14-16 and Masters as part of the Championship regatta. We all fully appreciate that the dedicated training of these athletes needs to be recognised, and if we cannot include them in this year’s Championship Regatta(s) format due to Covid restrictions, it is hoped another event(s) will be organised to support these key members of our sport.

We appreciate that it is important that we will continue to keep the clubs updated on developments so all our members remain engaged and committed to continuing their training.

The next Championship Committee meeting has been scheduled for early May to coincide with the next Government announcement.

A further update will be provided at that time.

If clubs have any queries they can e-mail

Lisa O’Callaghan Chair

On behalf of the Championship Committee