Irish Sport Social Media Report July 2017

Over the last number of months Rowing Ireland’s social media engagement has grown significantly. Following on from last year’s Olympics and the O’ Donovan brothers’ historic Silver medal, as well as excellent results from other members of our High Performance team on the world stage throughout the 2017 season there has been heightened interest in our sport as a whole.

This has resulted in a huge growth in membership across the sport, with clubs bursting at the seams with new and returning members, and domestic events in 2017 enjoying record entries as a result.

This activity is mirrored in increased coverage in the media, with unprecedented TV and radio coverage, as well as increased engagement across our social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As the attached article demonstrates, thanks to the reach of social media, our achievements both domestic and international are reaching a wider audience.

Congratulations to you, our membership, on being a vital part of this growth and we encourage all our members to continue to engage with us through our different channels.

Irish Sport Social Media July 2017


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