Letter from Chair of Irish Championships Committee

Irish Rowing Championship 2018

We have just successfully completed the staging of the Irish Rowing Championship 2018, our largest Regatta ever. Competitors from U14 all the way through to Masters raced in their respective classes with keen competition in all the events. These rowers were cheered on by their fellow competitors, family and friends ensuring we had a great atmosphere over the three days.

The work and effort made by the Clubs and Coaches to get their athletes to the event was evident throughout all competitions.

The weather played it’s part too, in a year in which it had been very unkind to our sport, it gave us fine conditions for Friday and Saturday and on Sunday gently reminded us what rain looks like.

Events of this size and complexity need huge resources to run them and on behalf of the organising committee I would like to thank the following-

  • The staff at the National Rowing Centre who worked tirelessly in the period up to the event to ensure all was in place.
  • The many clubs who provided us with the much-needed extra equipment and who overcame many logistical hurdles to get it to us.
  • The Security and Safety personnel who worked long hours to facilitate us all.
  • The time-keepers who provided us with the information which was poured over and discussed in great detail by all involved.
  • The team of Staff who worked over the weekend doing jobs many of us would rather not.
  • The Umpires who carried out their duties so well to ensure all the Rowers had a fair chance to compete. Many of these worked constantly over the three days, sometimes with little or no breaks.
  • The launch drivers who ensured all kept running and supported the other officials in their duties
  • Stake-boat people who worked hard all weekend
  • The Commentary crew who made the racing that bit more exciting.
  • Our many sponsors with whom we would not be able to run the event

The level and commitment from all the Volunteers, who give freely of their time, allows us to present our sport in the best possible way. With the co-operation of all who attended the event it is fair to say it was a great success for all involved.

To conclude, it would be great if many of you would come and attend the remaining two Regattas over the coming weekends and cheer on our crews at these events.


Seamus Scully

Chair – Irish Rowing Championship Committee


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