Leinster branch strength & conditioning in Rowing

The Leinster Branch are hosting 2 seminars led by Mark O’Donovan. Mark has an MSc in Exercise Physiology and an MSc in Sports Performance. He is a rowing World Champion and has delivered many seminars in the Rowing Ireland Coach Education Program. The first session will be held on Saturday, 1 February, at 15:00 in Neptune RC, Dublin, and we would hope to finish around 17:30. The second date will be advised later.

The sessions will be very practical and of relevance to coaches and rowers.

There will be a small charge of €5, tea/coffee will be available.

Please book your place through gerfar@yahoo.co.uk – sessions are open to all clubs, not just those based in Leinster.

Session 1) Strength and conditioning exercise selection to build a robust athlete.

  • Progression/regression.
  • Selection of exercises (Why choose one over another).
  • Injury prevention, the most common areas of injury, and can we lower the risk in the
    gym. Age grade to Senior, male & female athletes – differences to notice.
  • Coaching cues.
  • Discussion.

Session 2) Programming S&C into your rowing program

  • Interference – how it happens and what we can do to avoid or lower it’s negatives.
  • Preseason – Winter – In season – maintenance & peaking – differences in overall
    months and sessions.
  • How to adapt S&C into your program to gain the most rowing time.
  • Limited time – what to do?
  • Limited equipment – what to do?
  • Guidelines of Sets and Reps and why.
  • Rep max test or not?
  • Discussion.

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