Erg monitoring
November erg monitoring for non NRC based athletes must be carried out between November 4th and 8th. Testing must be carried out over 2 consecutive days in this 4 day period, and should follow the below format.

• 100m + 500m at open rate on Day 1 am. A 20 minute break should be taken between 100m and 500m. Time to be recorded

• 6k (3k for adaptive) at open rate on Day 1 pm. Time to be recorded

• 30 minute at open rate on Day 2 pm. Meters to be recorded (Please note change here) 

Erg scores should be submitted to no later than 7pm on November 9th. Coaches, please take note of the timing format required in the attached excel. Please follow the example for each section attached.

Water Trial
The November time trial will be held at the NRC on the 12th and 13th of November.

• Athletes and coaches are reminded that while this is an open event, we are looking for athletes with the potential to be selected as part of the World Championship team (Senior, U23, U19 and Adaptive) as well as junior athletes with the potential to win a medal at the Coupe. It is the responsibility of each club coach to ensure athletes entered into the time trial are of a suitable standard to complete a competitive 6k in possible challenging conditions.   

• Athletes are invited to attend this 6k (Adaptive 3k) time trial in 1x or 2- on both days. Lightweights in sculling boats only.

• In some cases, athletes may be asked to move into crew boats on day 2 if deemed appropriate by the HPD. This will be communicated to clubs and individuals after racing on day 

Coaches are asked to enter their athletes by 5pm Friday 4th of November by emailing also indicating their category for the 2023 season (Senior lightweight/heavyweight, U23 lightweight/heavyweight, U19 and Adaptive) and the boat class (1x or 2-) to be entered.

Lightweight bodyweight will be checked on the morning of racing, but there is no minimum weight requirement for this first event. Once entries are in, we will publish start times and a start list for those entered. All rowers entered are expected to undertake the November erg monitoring.

All athletes and their clubs are required to be affiliated and registered with Rowing Ireland.

Club Training Program 

The first macrocycle of this season has been sent out to all club coaches that had registered interest last season. To continue receiving this for the remainder of the year or to start receiving this program, club captains must nominate one person within their club structure, ideally the club’s head coach, to take responsibility for receiving, distributing and explaining this program to all club coaches and athletes interested in following the program. Clubs without a head coach may nominate another coach or captain willing to take responsibility for this program within the club.

Please email with contact information.