REMINDER: Deadline for Application Sustainable Clubs Programme is Friday 1st of February

The Sustainable Clubs Application deadline is TODAY Friday 1st of February 2019. 

The programme aims to help clubs develop long term planning in order to become sustainable for the future.

What support might Rowing Ireland be able to provide?

  1. We will help you to realistically assess where you are now? Exploring where you fit in your local community and within the sport of rowing.  We will help you assess your own strengths and weaknesses, identify opportunities as well as how to mitigate threats.
  2. Next we will help you to work out where you could be in three, five or maybe even ten years’ time.
  3. Once you have a clear vision for your future, we will help you put together a long term plan to make it a reality. This will include a business model and risk assessment.

We aim to support club leaders, whilst a strong plan will help significantly to bring in money. Unfortunately, we have no direct funding for boats or buildings.

How often will help be available?

Rowing Ireland staff and volunteers as well as non-rowing sport experts, will work with you for two to three years.  We will regularly come to see you, talk on the phone and help electronically.


More information on the programme can be viewed here: Sustainable Clubs Web Notice Jan 2019 (1)

Club Chairmen, Captains or Secretaries are invited to call Amanda Jellows to express interest and find out what the next steps are, National Rowing Centre Phone: +353-21-7434044

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