Rescheduled EGM – Notice

The EGM originally called by the Board of Rowing Ireland for Saturday 19th October has been rescheduled for 1.00pm on Saturday 14th December at the Red Cow Hotel, Dublin.

The Board’s purpose in calling the EGM is to seek ratification of the following proposed changes in the Rules of Rowing Ireland:

1 To change the name of the company as reflected in the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Rowing Ireland Rules from the “Irish Amateur Rowing Union” to “Rowing Ireland”.

2 To change the maximum points per boat allowed in the Intermediate Championships to reflect the maximum points allowed for Intermediate boats in all other domestic competition as per Rule 2.22.

3 To replace the existing in Part 5 (Rules for Para Rowing) of the Rules of Rowing with a new Part 5 reflective of the current rules applying to Para Rowing and of the change of Para Categories to TA/AS on a timed basis as agreed at the 2013 AGM.

A detailed agenda and explanation of the rule changes has been sent to all Club secretaries.

Clubs intending to attend the meeting should ensure that their voting representative is nominated as their Rowing Ireland member on the relevant form which has been sent to each Club secretary. Clubs who have already nominated their member do not need to do so again unless their representative at the meeting will be different from their original nomination.


Frank Coghlan

Secretary, Rowing Ireland



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