Heats and Reps at 2018 World Rowing Junior Championships in Racice

The 13 athletes representing Ireland at the 2018 World Rowing Junior Championships, wearing their club colours ahead of the event.

Friday August 10th, 2018 World Rowing Junior Championships – Repechage

Ireland had an exciting start to the day at the World Rowing Junior Championships in Racice, Czech Republic today (Friday) with a second boat qualifying for tomorrow’s semi-finals.

Fermoy oarswomen Gill McGirr and Ellie O’Reilly were given another chance to secure a semi-final place in the junior women’s pair category after coming fourth in their heat yesterday and they seized the opportunity, bow on.

The pair took to the water for their repechage against France, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia in a five boat race that would see the first three boats qualify.

Slovenia took an early lead but stalled in what were choppy conditions after 500m, allowing France to move ahead into first place. Hungary followed suit and Ireland moved up from fourth to third position, passing the Slovenian crew and leaving open water behind them to secure the third qualifying place ahead of Slovenia and Serbia. The Irish JW2- will compete in the A/B semi-final tomorrow morning, Saturday.

Junior women’s pair, Ellie O’Reilly (stroke) with Ray Morrison (Coach) and Gill McGirr (bow), all from Fermoy RC.

Next up for Ireland was the junior men’s quad who had also placed fourth in their heat yesterday. The boat, stroked by Carlow’s Jack Keating, with Shandon crewmates Jack Dorney, Alex Byrne and Luke Hayes-Nally faced a six boat repechage in which only the top two boats would qualify for the A/B semi-final.

The JM4x of Jack Keating (stroke), Jack Dorney, Alex Byrne and Luke Hayes-Nally.

The boys pushed off the start impressively moving straight into third place, a position they held throughout the remainder of the race, with Chile taking the lead at 1,000m and Denmark following close behind. Denmark soon challenged to move into the lead and made waves by setting a new world junior record in the category with a finishing time of 05:52.450. The previous world best time which had been held for the last six years was 05.52.96. The Irish boat just failed to catch the Chilean crew and missed out on qualifying for the A/B semi-final by 2 seconds. They will race again in the C/D semi-finals tomorrow morning (Saturday).

The Junior Women’s double of Ciara Moynihan (bow) and Ciara Browne (stroke) racing in Racice. Photo: FISA Igor Meijer.

The final race of the morning for Ireland was another incredibly tight battle that saw the junior women’s double scull of Workmen’s oarswomen, Ciara Moynihan and Ciara Browne, row fiercely down the 2,000 metre course.

The Irish double raced in a tightly packed field against GB, Japan and Austria, vying with the three other boats for a qualifying place. Austria took the lead up to the 500m mark before being challenged by Japan who were later overtaken by GB. With less than a length separating all four boats, Ireland moved up into third place and began to overlap with Japan, challenging for a qualifying spot. A strong sprint for the finish saw the Irish boat motor through the last 200m, rating at 37 strokes per minute only to be pipped at the line by Japan who finished less than one second ahead of the Irish boat. The Irish JW2x will race again tomorrow morning in the C/D semi-final.

Tomorrow, Saturday will see Ireland compete in two A/B semi-finals (JM4+ and JW2-) and two C/D semi-finals (JM4x and JW2x). See race times below.

Race times for Irish crews on Saturday August 11th, 2018 (BST):

8.48am: JM4x (Junior Men’s quad) C/D Semi-final: Jack Keating (stroke, Carlow), Jack Dorney (Shandon), Alex Byrne (Shandon), Luke Hayes-Nally (bow, Shandon)

8.54am: JW2x (Junior Women’s Double) C/D Semi-final: Ciara Moynihan (bow) & Ciara Browne (stroke) both Workmen’s RC

09.57am: JM4+ (Junior Men’s coxed four) A/B Semi-final: Eoin Finnegan (cox, St. Joseph’s RC) Conor Mulready (bow, Castloeconnell), James O’Donovan (Castleconnell) Fintan O’Driscoll (Carlow), Eoin Gaffney (stroke, Shandon).

10.04am: JW2- (Junior Women’s Pair) A/B Semi-final: Eille O’Reilly & Gill McGirr (both Fermoy RC)

For more info on how to follow the event visit: http://www.worldrowing.com/news/how-follow-2018-world-rowing-junior-championships

Thursday August 9th, 2018 – World Rowing Junior Championships – Heats

Ireland got off to a good start on its first day of racing at the World Rowing Junior Championships in Racice, Cezch Republic, with all four crews taking to the water for heats.

The first Irish crew to compete, the junior men’s coxed four of Eoin Finnegan (cox, St. Joseph’s RC), Conor Mulready (bow, Castleconnell), James O’Donovan (Castleconnell), Fintan O’Driscoll (Carlow) and Eoin Gaffney (stroke, Shandon) qualified directly for the A/B semi final, placing second in their heat just two seconds behind Canada.

The JM4+ Eoin Finnegan (cox) Conor Mulready, James O’Donovan, Fintan O’Driscoll, Eoin Gaffney with their coach, Fran Keane.

The Irish boat raced off the start, leading the field up to the 1,000 metre mark, with cox, Eoin Finnegan coaxing on his crew. The Irish oarsmen were then challenged by Canada who crept up from third place to take the lead but the Irish crew kept a comfortable pace to maintain second place, with the top three boats qualifying for the semi finals.

Next up for Ireland was the junior women’s pair of Fermoy RC oarswomen, Gill McGirr and Ellie O’Reilly. Their heat was a battle of the English speaking nations that saw the USA crew storm ahead to lead the field by a huge margin and win by 17 seconds. The Irish women held fourth place throughout the race in a close contest with Canada who took second and GB who placed third. The Fermoy pair will have another chance to reach the semi final during tomorrow morning’s repechage against Hungary, France, Slovakia and Serbia, when the first three boats will qualify.

The Irish junior men’s quad, a Carlow RC / Shandon BC composite crew of Jack Keating (stroke, Carlow), Jack Dorney (Shandon), Alex Byrne (Shandon), Luke Hayes-Nally (bow, Shandon) also placed fourth in their heat that allowed only the first two boats to qualify directly for the semi-finals. The qualifying places were hotly contested by Switzerland, New Zealand and Italy with the latter just missing out on qualifying. Ireland will face Ukraine, Denmark, China and France in the repechage tomorrow morning (Friday) when they will need to place first or second to reach the A/B semi final and have a chance of achieving a medal.

In the last Irish heat of the day, the junior women’s double of Ciara Moynihan (bow) and Ciara Browne (stroke) both of Workmen’s RC, held fifth place throughout the race and go forward to compete in a repechage tomorrow morning against Austria, Japan and GB, when the first two boats will qualify for the A/B semi-final.

JW2x Ciara Moynihan (bow) and Ciara Browne (stroke) both Workmens RC, preparing for their heat at the World Rowing Junior Championships in Racice.

Race times for Irish Crews on Friday August 9th, 2018 (BST):

9.00am: JW2- (Junior women’s pair) Rep: Gill McGirr & Ellie O’Reilly (both Fermoy RC)

10.06am: JM4x (Junior men’s quad) Rep: Jack Keating (stroke, Carlow), Jack Dorney (Shandon), Alex Byrne (Shandon), Luke Hayes-Nally (bow, Shandon)

10.42am: JW2x (Junior women’s double) Rep: Ciara Moynihan (bow) & Ciara Browne (stroke) both Workmen’s RC

For more info on race times and results and details how to follow the event live go to: http://www.worldrowing.com/news/how-follow-2018-world-rowing-junior-championships

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