Rower Registration Fee for 2014

The acceptance of the new grading structure at the 2013 Annual General Meeting  will require significant technical changes to the Rowing Ireland Tracker software.

The introduction of a new grading structure replacing the existing Senior, Intermediate and Novice grades with an Open grade within which status is determined by a points based handicap system will take effect from the beginning of the 2014 season. The aim of the new grading structure is to assist rower retention and produce competitive racing at all levels of domestic rowing.

In conjunction with the overhaul of the grading structures the Board of Rowing Ireland have recommended a full review of the Tracker system to make it more efficient. The system going forward will facilitate online payments, have email and database functionality and be much more user friendly.

To facilitate this major upgrade of Tracker a €10 surcharge will be added to all rower registrations for the 2014 season. The surcharge was detailed at the 2013 AGM and as such the rower registration fee for 2014 will be €60 for Seniors and €30 for Juniors.

Rowing Ireland is conscious of the difficult financial climate we are all operating in and we appreciate the commitment by the rowing community to continually improve our systems and structures through this registration increase.

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