ROWFit Provinces Indoor Rowing Championships 2020


Please see the below message from ROWfit regarding this year’s Provinces Indoor Rowing Competition.

Hi Folks, this year’s PROVINCES Indoor Rowing Competition is going Virtual to keep you safe and sound while we all weather the Covid-19 Pandemic.

ROWfit are still committed to running the PIRC as the timely and exciting event you have come to know; we now intend it to be the culmination of a Series of Virtual IRCs run each month starting this September. Each event will be viewable online to both competitors and spectators alike on a webpage application. Recently World Rowing Indoors (FISA) announced that the 2021 World IRC would be virtual – so let’s get practicing.

As with any new technology or method it will take some time to get used to. Hence each IRC will hopefully allow both competitors and organisers to fully develop toward the PIRC in November.

We intend trialling new distances (5k’s anyone), pod-racing (in situ club managed Pods of ergs) and making racing at the PROVINCES IRC accessible to those who can’t travel or who want to but are prohibited by distance but can now (down the telephone line!) from anywhere in the World.

Virtual racing might be the ultimate in social distancing, but our experienced commentators and MC’s will hopefully bring the races to life for all our viewing pleasure. Competitors must supply their own buckets however – we haven’t quite cracked virtual clean-ups yet!

‘The first of the ROWfit Virtual Indoors Series will take place on Wednesday Sept 30th from 6-9pm with 38 different 1000m & set-time Categories.

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