Rowing Ireland Talent Identification Partnership with University of Limerick – Second Screening Announced

Rowing Ireland announced in March that in partnership with the Physical Education and Sports Sciences Department of the University of Limerick and the UL Beo Initiative, we would undertake a Talent ID and Talent Monitoring Project to identify male athletes with the potential to be part of a High Performance Pathway to our Under 23 national squad. The search includes current rowers and athletes with potential from other sports who may have an interest in taking up rowing for the first time. Ultimately, the goal of the Talent ID and Monitoring Project is to develop athletes capable of competing at Olympic level.

We are now delighted to announce that there will be a second Screening at the University of Limerick in the Physical Education and Sports Sciences Department on 10th June 2017. 

For this project specifically, we are seeking to identify male Junior 16 and Junior 18 athletes who are at least 188cm in height. An invitation for a screening/testing session at the University of Limerick will follow where athletes undergo a number of tests to assess their suitability for the Junior 16 and Junior 18 Talent Monitoring Project. The tests will include:

  • Range of motion / mobility screening
  • Assessment of height, body mass and arm span
  • A rowing assessment (including an examination of rowing proficiency, rowing kinematics, seat & handle velocities).

Following the initial screen/testing session, a number of athletes will be invited to join a co-ordinated Junior 16 and Junior 18 Talent Monitoring Programme which will involve monitoring rowers across a range of physiological, anthropometric and skill-related performance characteristics aligned with their developmental needs.

The Talent Monitoring Programme aims to educate rowers as part of technical workshops, using the BioRow Catch Training System and provide feedback to individual rowers on technique as well as further areas for development. The talent monitoring programme will be supported and developed by sport scientists, strength and conditioning coaches, rowing coaches and rowers alike. Talented athletes with little or no previous rowing experience will be introduced to the nearest Rowing Club to them and receive the same level of testing, monitoring and support.

This is an exciting opportunity for athletes with ambition to compete at the highest level in sport and for coaches seeking to support the development of their athletes to the highest level.

To express an interest in becoming part of this nationwide search for Rowing talent please complete the form below and return to

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