Rowing Ireland Coach Registration Scheme

Rowing Ireland requests all club secretaries to register their club coaches. Club secretaries can register coaches through the tracker system, as done for all competing athletes. Once registration has been completed we ask coaches to please complete the questionnaire below.

We expect clubs to pay due diligence to the appointing coaches with responsibility for crews. We recommend to all clubs that coaches should complete the following.

  • Vetting/Access NI
  • Safeguarding
  • A level of coach education or acceptable relevant experience

Should you require extra courses in your clubs you can fill in our expression of interest coach education form. We will also monitor the registered list and recommend courses if necessary.

A registration fee of €10 per coach is required which includes them on Rowing Ireland Coach Insurance Scheme. This Coach Insurance includes personal accident, public liability (€6.5m) and professional indemnity (€1.3m) cover for the individual coach.

In addition to the benefit of insurance, this will help build a database of coaches each year and give a clear picture of the number, geographical spread and gender balance of our coaching base.

This will feed into our coaching support plans going forward.

Coach John Armstrong

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