Rowing Ireland Virtual Regatta – Sponsored by Kinetica


Rowing Ireland is delighted to launch our Virtual Regatta sponsored by Kinetica.

Now is the opportunity to represent your club and race! So get that ergometer chain oiled, your runners laced and those bike chains oiled because we are now under starters orders and the red flag is raised.

It’s regatta time!

The Rowing Ireland Virtual Regatta sponsored by Kinetica will run from 9 am on Saturday the 2nd of May and finish at 5 pm Monday the 4th of May.


There are four new Concept 2 ergometers and some exciting spot prizes to be won this weekend!

Here are the prizes on offer:

  • We have a prize for a new Concept2 ergometer for the top club in each province.
  • A trophy for the top club in the country. 
  • We’ll have some exciting spot prizes to give out along the way for best photo submission, most metres done in one day, and best 2k time.
  • Individual 1st, 2nd and 3rd medals for most distances in each age category in each province.

Spot Prizes

  • 2 Kinetica hampers, for most distances (one male, one female)
  • Rowing Ireland Hoody for best 2k (one male, one female)
  • Rowing Ireland TShirt for best photo submission

How it will work

All clubs partaking in the Rowing Ireland Virtual Regatta must enter participants in at least 6 different athlete categories of the 9 listed on the form, and should encourage participation throughout the club’. 
  1. Rowers complete their workout and take a selfie with their monitor showing their times,
  2. Input their information, distances in metres and selfie through the Rowing Ireland Virtual Regatta page

As not everyone will have an erg available we will also be allowing Cycling and Running so all members can take part.

  1. Rowers can upload their running/cycling workout to Strava
  2. Share the workout through the Rowing Ireland Virtual Regatta page

Any cycling or running workout that is not adhering to Government restrictions will not be counted. 

Cycling Distances will be divided by 3 to ensure that distances will be comparable for indoor rowing and running.

Your individual totals will be added with your club members’ totals and be averaged by the number of participants in your club.

Participants are welcome to input as many distances as they like, and remember – the more distances you do, the better chance you have of winning these amazing prizes!

Submit your information, meters, and selfies each day:

For any queries on the Virtual Regatta please contact,

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