SafeTRX Application providing coverage

Ideal for all leisure and casual boating, the SafeTrx application provides coverage for those in the boating community who are not using existing AIS (Automatic Identification System) tracking technology.

SafeTrx allows you to log your journey details, which includes an Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) at your destination, and keeps track of the boat and its crew’s location during the voyage using satellite navigation technology and the mobile communications network. If the ETA is exceeded, it generates SMS alerts to the boater’s emergency contacts.  Where an Emergency Contact calls the Coast Guard concerning an overdue trip, they will have access to your location and SafeTrx Trip data through a secure SafeTrx server.  

How much does SafeTrx cost?
In Ireland SafeTrx is free.

How can I get the app?
The Irish SafeTrx app is available to download the Irish Google Play and Irish Apple App Stores:
1. Apple App Store:
2. Google Play:

Who’s using it?
SafeTrx is now available in four countries:
1. Launched in Australia with the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard in February 2013
2. Launched in Ireland with the Irish Sailing Association / Irish Coast Guard in August 2013
3. Launched in the UK with the Royal Yachting Association / UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency in June 2014
4. Launched in Spain with the Salvamento Marítimo, the Spanish Maritime Safety Agency, in July 2014

Quotes on SafeTrx 
“This app, which can track vessels and help the coast guard respond if needed, is a very welcome development. I hope it will help avoid more heartache and tragedy.” – SIMON COVENEY TD, MINISTER FOR AGRICULTURE, FOOD & MARINE

“SafeTrx helps take the search out of search and rescue. It encourages all sea users to plan and execute their trips better, safer and gives assurance to friends and partners ashore.” – CHRIS REYNOLDS, DIRECTOR, IRISH COAST GUARD

“This new SafeTrx App has the potential to get our resources on-scene as quickly as possible which will in turn save lives.” – RAY CAMPBELL, NATIONAL COMMODORE, AUSTRALIAN VOLUNTEER COAST GUARD

“When we learned about SafeTrx and its enormous benefits, we knew we had to bring it to the UK.” – STUART CARRUTHERS, CRUISING MANAGER, ROYAL YACHTING ASSOCIATION

“When did they set off? Where were they going? When were they due back? What was their last known location? These are all vital pieces of the puzzle and the Coastguard welcomes any system that can contribute to the information gathering effort. RYA SafeTrx will help provide this information, meaning that valuable time is not lost.”  – KEITH OLIVER, HEAD OF MARITIME OPERATIONS AT UK MARITIME COASTGUARD AGENCY
Around 50% of the incidents managed by the Spanish Maritime Safety Agency are related to leisure activities. Salvamento Marítimo SafeTrx can locate, track and monitor vessels in distress which are not required to have neither GMDSS equipment nor VTS systems, providing a new approach to deal with these kind of incidents. We are sure this application can play a significant role in improving safety in coastal waters!” – JUAN LUIS PEDROSA, DIRECTOR, SPANISH MARITIME SAFETY AGENCY

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