Safety Committee

1.  Composition

The Committee consists of a Chair and a minimum of three committee members including the CEO of Rowing Ireland.

2.  Appointment

The Chairman will be appointed annually by the Board of Rowing Ireland after the AGM. The Chairman in turn appoints the additional members

3.  Purpose

3.1 To advise Rowing Ireland on its responsibilities regarding safety in relation to all events under its control and, in relation to such events, assisting Rowing Ireland to comply with any relevant safety legislation or best practice requirements.

3.2 To review best practice in relation to rowing safety and to make recommendations to all stakeholders to ensure a safe rowing environment.

4.  Functions

4.1 To oversee the development of policies and to monitor the implementation of any Rowing Ireland Safety Management documents or other relevant publications.

4.2 To advise Rowing Ireland and its affiliated clubs and licensed regatta organising committees on relevant health and safety legislation.

4.3 To monitor trends in near misses, accidents and dangerous occurrences and to make recommendations aimed at ensuring no reoccurrence

4.4 To receive reports from the NRC Safety Adviser on the NRC rowing course and infrastructure as requested or as deemed necessary.

4.6. To promote best practice through the issuing of relevant information to affiliated clubs and licensed regatta organising committees.

4.7 To respond to any formal complaints relating to Safety matters.

4.8 To liaise through the Chair with the CEO of Rowing Ireland as necessary.

4.9 To perform any other tasks as required by the Board of Rowing Ireland

5.  Meeting Frequency

At least twice per annum

6.  Board Reporting

The Committee will report three times per annum and their report should contain the following:

• Dates of what meetings have been held and attendance
• Plan of activities and objectives for the year
• Summary of activities since the last report
• Any actions requiring Board attention

7.  Membership 2013/2014

Chair: Joe Cantillon
Members: Hamish Adams, Denis O’Regan, Eamon Colclough

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