Sport Ireland Invites Applications for Funding

Sport Ireland has opened the application process for €70 million of funding for National Governing Bodies of Sport, Local Sports Partnerships and sports clubs in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

The purpose of the funding, which was announced in June, is to protect the national sports system in Ireland and to invest in sports and programmes that will play a major part in the long-term public health response to the Covid-19 crisis.

This investment programme will be allocated through four targeted grant schemes:

  1. The FAI, the GAA and the IRFU to receive up to €40 million.
  2. The National Governing Bodies, Local Sports Partnerships & Other Funded Bodies to receive up to €10 million
  3. A Sports Club Resilience Fund, delivered through National Governing Bodies, of up to €15 million to support clubs
  4. A Sports Restart and Renewal Fund of up to €5 million

Clubs will be eligible for funding via the Sports Club Resilience Fund;

A Resilience Fund of up to €15 million will be made available to support Sports Clubs that find themselves in need of assistance to avoid closing. This funding will be delivered through Sport Ireland recognised National Governing Bodies for Sport.

The grant scheme is designed to support sporting activity only. These funds are not aimed to replace lost income from ancillary activities such as hospitality, sub-letting facilities or other non-sporting commercial activity.

National Governing Bodies can elect to apply for funding on behalf of individual clubs. Alternatively, they can provide an estimated level of support required for their club network and run a Covid-19 Club Support Grant Scheme directly.

National Governing Bodies will communicate directly with clubs in relation to this funding.


A webinar will be arranged to provide Clubs with further information, keep an eye on our website and social media for further information about this.


Read the full announcement of the funding here

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