St Michael’s Head of the River 16th of March







St Michael’s Head of the River


St. Michael’s Rowing Club will this year introduce 3 new trophies into Irish Rowing through a new point’s competition for Most Successful Club in both Men’s and Women’s categories. 


The Jim Ahern Memorial Cup will be on offer for the Best Men’s Club competition, and the Ailish Sheehan Memorial Cup will be on offer for the Best Women’s Club competition.



  1. All entries on Tracker are included in the points Race.
  2. All crews will earn points.
  3. The amount of points earned is based on:
  4. The number of entries in your category.
  5. Where you place in your category.
  6. For example: If there are 4 boats in a category. The winner will get 4 points, second will get 3 points, third will get 2 points and fourth will get 1 point.
  7. The best result per Club per Category will accumulate full points.
  8. If a Club has multiple crews in a single category, the lower placed of that Clubs crews will accrue 1 point.


The Jim “Monty” Ahern Cup

Jim Ahern was an outstanding St. Michaels Club Man. He was a selfless dedicated contributor to the Club for many years. He was a Championship winning Oarsman and Coach, a brilliant and progressive Captain and administrator of the Club. He was active in the Club for many years right up until his untimely death in January 2016.

The Jim “Monty” Ahern Memorial Cup has been presented to Saint Michaels Rowing Club on behalf of Jim’s loving Family, by the various members of the Veteran and Masters crews that Jim would have trained, and raced with Monty down through the years in SMRC.


The Ailish Sheehan Cup

Ailish Sheehan was an outstanding St. Michaels Club Woman. Ailish was an incredibly proud club woman, a remarkable athlete and overall, a kind, inclusive and influential woman. Ailish made her mark on the rowing scene when she rowed as a Junior at SMRC. Her talent and dedication allowed her to go on to row at the University of Notre Dame and following this, the University of London. Ailish had many successes throughout her time in ND and UL, most notably the NCAA’s and the World University Rowing Championships.

Ailish was always very proud of her St. Michael’s MRC roots and returned in the summer of 2013 to take the Women’s Senior 8 title. Ailish will be remembered not only for her remarkable rowing career, but for her infectious laughter, her positive outlook and for being so unapologetically herself, which we all loved so much. Ailish is missed each day since her untimely death in September 2016.


The Ailish Sheehan Cup has been presented to St. Michaels Rowing Club by the Sheehan family to help inspire Girls to be a trailblazer just like Ailish was.


SMRC HOR Fastest Crew – Pat Brinn Memorial Trophy

St. Michael’s Rowing Club would like to present the Pat Brinn Memorial Trophy. The Trophy will be awarded to the fastest crew of the day at our Annual Head of the River Race. James “Pat” Brinn rowed competitively with St. Michael’s as a Junior and passed away earlier this year. The Club are very grateful to the Brinn Family for their kind donation of this beautiful trophy.





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