Start Rowing- The Learn to Row System for Rowing Ireland (Information)

Start Rowing…is a package developed by Rowing Ireland, for learning to row, with illustrated module plans, and a printed passport for each rower to track their progress. These can be used at a club or on a course or camp.

Start Rowing comprises documents for clubs and coaches to use, and pulls together modules for teaching the basic skills, which can be adapted by clubs to suit their own needs and wishes. It provides a way for rowers to keep a record of their learning, and take the Passport to any RI club who can recognise the stage that rower has reached. The full package includes:

Guidance documents, including a User Guide, and Consent forms.

Illustrated module guides for coaches, which are for preparation and delivery of each module.

Passport for rowers. This is a small printed booklet for each new rower.

Clubs can use the scheme to enhance the courses and camps they already offer, or to set up new events and encourage beginners to learn in a welcoming club environment. This will provide coaches with materials to help teaching basic skills.

Thanks are due to Robin Winkels, and Chris Carpenter, who have been involved in preparation of the materials, Sinead Dolan and Aimee McGrath for being photographed, and to Presentation College, and Shandon coaches during Level 2 training, John Holland, and Jen Cunningham who have all provided feedback on the draft materials.

The RI working group welcomes comments on improvements for the future, and hopes you will find the materials and the Start Rowing scheme useful.

Gordon Reid, Gerry Farrell, Pat McInerney, Michelle Carpenter.

All documents for use are HERE.


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Download the A5 Start Rowing Passport: Start Rowing – Passport

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