Start Rowing- The Learn to Row System for Rowing Ireland

Start Rowing


Anyone learning to row in Ireland can now record their progress on their own colourful ‘passport’, and clubs can judge what each rower needs to learn next.

Rowing camps and courses can use a set of coaching guides and notes to make sure the rowers learn the skills they need to enjoy the sport. The guides are on the Rowing Ireland website and can be downloaded. The passport is a printed booklet which can be posted to clubs.

Start Rowing will work for people of any age or ability wishing to try the sport for the first time, or at any stage in learning basic skills, such as being able to stop the boat, or keep the correct posture during the stroke.

Some sessions are delivered using indoor rowing machines, and others are best achieved ‘on the water’, but there is flexibility to suit individual needs and coaching methods used at clubs.

The system is split into twelve modules which can be delivered over several sessions, with the last being a fun event which will test the skills developed. Rowers will have had fun, learned the basics, and can keep the Passport as a record of their achievement, and a guide to the rowing options available to them.

All resources are freely available to Rowing Ireland Clubs on a trial basis, and we hope that they will be well used and popular.

Many clubs and schools already run camps and courses, either independently or as part of ‘Get Going Get Rowing’. It is hoped that Start Rowing will add to what they are doing or encourage other clubs or schools to get involved.

Further details are available on the Rowing Ireland website under “Clubs” HERE


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