The University Rowing Committee

1.  Composition

The University Rowing Committee consists of a Chair and the Captain or Representative of the Boat Club / Rowing Club of each Irish third-level institution affiliated to Rowing Ireland.

2.  Appointment

A Chair shall be appointed annually by the Board of Rowing Ireland to convene an AGM of the University Rowing Committee at which the Committee may either confirm the appointed Chair or nominate an alternative for Board approval. The Chair and Committee may co-opt additional non-voting members as required.

3.  Purpose

To support and promote University Rowing in Ireland.

4.  Functions

4.1 To draft and implement policies and programmes for the development of University Rowing in Ireland.

4.2 To act as a liaison between the third-level institutions affiliated to Rowing Ireland and the Board, making recommendations to the Board in respect of matters of specific relevance to University Rowing and communicating relevant Rowing Ireland policies and strategies to the clubs of the affiliated third-level institutions.

4.3 To appoint a University Championship of Ireland Regatta Committee to organise and run the University Championship of Ireland Regatta as per Rowing Ireland Rules (Part 4). Members shall include the Chair of the University Rowing Committee. A Chair and Regatta Secretary shall be appointed by the Regatta Committee.

4.4 To report to the Board following the University Championship of Ireland Regatta and respond to formal complaints / concerns in respect of the Regatta and any other matter specifically relevant to University Rowing.

4.5 To liaise with and support the High Performance Director and his staff on matters relevant to the development of High Performance rowing in Irish Universities.

4.6 To liaise with the chairs of other committees and employees and officers of Rowing Ireland where appropriate.

5.  Meeting Frequency

The Committee shall meet at least twice a year and more frequently as required. The first meeting shall be the AGM of the Committee and shall be held between the start of the University year and the end of the first semester (September-December). A second meeting shall be held between the start of the second semester and the end of the teaching year (January-April) but before the AGM of Rowing Ireland.

6.  Board Reporting

The Committee will report twice per annum and their report should contain the following:

• Dates of what meetings have been held and attendance
• Plan of activities and objectives for the year
• Summary of activities since the last report
• Any actions requiring Board attention

An additional report shall be submitted to the Board in respect of the University Championship Regatta.

7.  Membership 2013 / 2014

Chair: Ruadhán Cooke.

Members: Captain (CITRC) or representative, Luke Acheson (DUBC) or representative, Ruth Morris (DULBC) or representative, Patrick Higgins (NUIGBC) or representative, Mark Magill (QUBBC) or representative, Catherine Campbell (QUBLBC) or representative, Joseph Kearney (UCCRC) or representative, Conor Reid (UCDBC) or representative and Niamh Mooney (ULRC) or representative.

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