Tour Rowing Committee

1.  Composition

The Tour Rowing Committee consists of a Chair and a minimum of three other members.

2.  Appointment

The Chair is appointed annually by the Board of Rowing Ireland following the AGM. The members of the committee are appointed by the Chair.

3.  Purpose

To promote and develop tour rowing in Ireland.

4.  Functions

4.1 To arrange for an annual programme of tour rowing events in Ireland.

4.2 To support rowing clubs, through advice and direct action, in developing tour rowing at a local level.

4.3 To respond to any formal complaints in relation to tour rowing

4.4 To ensure a proper focus on the safety and welfare of individuals participating in organised tour events.

4.5 The Chair of the subcommittee to liaise with the CEO as necessary.

4.6 To liaise with the Recreational Committee on matters of common interest.

4.7 To perform other tasks as required by the Board of Rowing Ireland

5.  Meeting Frequency

Minimum of two per annum.

6.  Board Reporting

The Committee will report twice per annum and their report should contain the following:

• Dates of what meetings have been held and attendance
• Plan of activities and objectives for the year
• Summary of activities since the last report
• Any actions requiring Board attention

7.  Membership 2013/2014

Chair: Michael O’ Dwyer

Members: Mary Ryan, Frank Durkin, Michael Sweetman, Breda Leader

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